Jens Towet

Actually, when I was a kid, I wanted to learn the saxophone. But since there were no instruments available for a six-year-old child, my parents borrowed a children’s guitar from friends. Since then the guitar has played an important “piece” in my life. I moved into my current workshop in Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine after several training courses in woodworking, the music industry and as a guitar and violin maker in England. In the foreground of my work is the individual wish of my customers.

My instruments, which are made purely by hand, are exclusively custom-made. I design my instruments with a powerful, balanced tone and beautiful tonewoods. Of course, I also carry out all kinds of repairs on string and plucked instruments. Repair techniques from the field of string instruments are used in the construction, repair and restoration of string instruments, concert and steel strings for guitars. My instruments are always in the development for the better by the constant co-operation with national and international amateur and professional musicians in the music industry! Music is a language of its own that must be spoken and thus creates friends and joy!


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