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Guitarras Raimundo manufactures classical guitars, flamenco guitars, MIDI guitars and acoustic guitars since 1968. Handcrafted in Spain, their models cover a wide range from student models to handcrafted concert models for the most demanding guitarists. All Raimundo’s guitars are made in Spain following the traditional Spanish system, which guarantees a standard of sound quality and finishes typical of this system. In Raimundo’s guitars all his guitars are handcrafted in Paterna (Valencia) with the traditional Spanish System. This is a system of construction of guitars typical of our country and that has been used for centuries by all the Spanish luthiers. With this system the top is joined to the neck and then the instrument is assembled. During the assembly process a part of the neck remains inside the box, creating the “Spanish heel”. This system guarantees a firmer construction of the guitar than using a dovetail joint, which is very common in the furniture industry. At the same time, it also provides greater stability and durability of the instrument.

“Guitarras Raimundo” has a staff of 29 craftsmen, many of whom have worked with Manuel for more than 30 years. More than 12,000 instruments are produced each year, 85% of which are exported worldwide and he has a subsidiary in the USA to distribute his guitars directly in the country.
In spite of the constant growth, the way in which “Guitarras Raimundo” are built has not changed significantly during all these years. And this is not a coincidence. For them it is a pride to be able to affirm that all their guitars continue being elaborated by hand, in a handcrafted way and following the traditional Spanish system inherited from a tradition that is lost in the time and that they are proud to be able to continue conserving.
But in “Guitarras Raimundo” tradition and innovation are not at odds and their R+D department plays a fundamental role in offering new models, achieving new challenges that provide an added value to the instrument.
They like to think that no two instruments are ever the same, each guitar is different from the last.

Guitarras Raimundo is the first Spanish guitar manufacturer to obtain the Spanish certificate of origin for all its guitars.

Raimundo TATYANA RYZHKOVA Classical Guitar

The classical guitar Raimundo TATYANA RYZHKOVA is a Signature model made by Guitarras Raimundo for the prestigious guitarist TATYANA RYZHKOVA in close collaboration with the artist. This beautiful guitar is made with exotic woods such as solid Black Limba for the back, the sides and the headboard. The original design of the head is also the result of the collaboration between the artist and the luthier. There is a choice of cedar or spruce tops on this model, which you can select in the options tab. The sound of this guitar is clear, deep and very well balanced. A very exclusive guitar for a demanding guitarist at a very affordable price in this category.



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