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I dedicate myself to making one instrument at a time, a unique creation which is thoughtfully built for the player (client). While it is possible to be more efficient in making batches of instruments, I find that the highest level of quality and satisfaction is achieved both for the player and myself in this approach.

I strive to make guitars that sound great, look great, and are comfortable to play! I begin every instrument with the player in mind. The vision of the guitar they want is something I consider carefully and integrate within my design elements (sound and comfort). This is where the instrument is truly made unique for the player, in that each guitar is built with specific dimensions and setup designed for the technique of the player. I specialize in dealing with clients with various physical handicaps to improve the posture of body as well as the playability on the hands.
The Building Process

The construction of each instrument begins with the picking of tonewoods for the soundboard, body and neck. Each piece of wood is unique and has its own special qualities. My experience and intuition as a luthier allows me to bring out the best acoustic qualities from each piece of wood, quite literally by shaving them and shaping them by hand. The instrument is assembled on the solera (the Spanish name for the guitar workboard) and finally it is completely French Polished.
The Result

An extremely responsive and balanced instrument that is a pleasure to play. No words do justice to the sound, and you can listen to the recordings and read testimonials from satisfied clients.



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