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Recently, a guitar with this label was offered at „Galerie des Luthiers“ in Lyon (France). The instrument leads to some irritations, and the following text will try to explain the situation.

First, the guitar is an absolutely original FS – instrument, made in the last year of his life as a „guitarrero“ (he unexpectedly died on January 14th, 1932).

The decorative elements (shape of the head, rosette, bridge) are similar to

the FS 1931, No.327 (see Milanese / Piazza: Francisco Simplicio Luthier, Edizioni Il Dialogo, Milano 2010, page 255).

As far as we know today, the last guitar signed and numbered by Francisco Simplicio was No. 336 from 1931. From 1932, the numbering was continued and signed by Miguel Simplicio up to No.342. As FS and MS always worked together (1923 – 1931), there must have been at least six unfinished instruments when FS passed away. Miguel Simplicio thus continued his father’s numbering up to the 342 of 1932 – the last known guitar made by both luthiers. For example, No.338 from 1932, signed now by MS, is described in Alberto Martinez ́ edition „Classical Guitars in Life Size“ (Camino Verde, Paris 2018), and No.342 can be seen in the Milanese / Piazza book, on page 258.

The „343“ does not correspond to 1931 and the autograph of Francisco – how could this be explained? A possible solution is the „turning of the last digit“. This means that FS wanted to write 334 – and wrote 343. This very often happens on bank transfers. And this would also explain that since today no FS 334 came to light!

These few lines should not be more than a possible explanation, as long as no No.334 will be discovered!

Karlstein, January 8th, 2023 Siegfried „Hogi“ Hogenmüller

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