Sell your guitar in consignment

For our consignment service we do not charge you any fee and after the sale you get the amount you request for the guitar. You also have the possibility to sell the guitar directly to us, if the guitar fits to our selection of instruments. If you decide to give your guitar in consignment at Siccas Guitars, first of all, we need all possible information about your guitar, such as repairs, name of the luthier, construction year, some detailed photos…. Within 48 hours we will contact you and discuss further details or let you know if we have decided to take your guitar in consignment. When the guitar has arrived at Siccas Guitars we will present your guitar on our platform.

Please fill in the form below and add some photos.

  • Best way to get a higher price for your guitar
  • Presentation on our platform
  • Reach worldwide attention

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We believe that it should be easy to buy and sell guitars.

We believe that everybody who searches a guitar should be allowed to find his dream in an easy way and choose from a wide range of master guitars

and we believe that everybody who wants to sell his master instrument should be given the opportunity to offer his guitar on a free and professional platform and thereby reach customers worldwide.

At Siccas Guitars, you have the possibility to sell your guitar. It does not matter if you want to sell a classical guitar, an electric or acoustic guitar. We do not charge you any fee and after we sold your guitar you will get the amount, that we contractually agreed on beforehand. You also have the possibility to sell the guitar directly to us, if the guitar fits with our selection of instruments. Besides that, we offer you the possibility to take your guitar as a trade-in if you are e looking for a new guitar. If you would like to sell your guitar directly to us we will make you an offer within 48 hours. To be able to make you an offer and to get a correct impression of your guitar, we need all the information you have about your instrument, such as condition, repairs, year of construction and of course detailed photos. If you decide to sell us your guitar, we will discuss different transportation options with you. After we have checked the guitar we will send you the contract of purchase. We will transfer the money to you within two working days.