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Duke Classical guitars

Duke Classic guitars offer a wide range of sizes and finishes to accompany all guitarist career stages professionally. All classical concert guitars have a fully solid top and are available in various partial and fully solid top-body combinations. Only high-quality spruce from the alpine highlands in the Swiss Grisons or cedarwood from Canada is used. All woods are from certified cultivation and are delivered with the corresponding certificates. For optimal playing pleasure, each guitar is worked on by a luthier in Baiersdorf, Bavaria, according to a set scheme before delivery. This includes the dressing and polishing of the frets and the optimal adjustment of the string action. This guarantees to play with pleasure from the very first bar.

Further special features:

  • High-quality machine heads from DER JUNG
  • Savarez 500ARJ strings (standard/high tension, material: carbon, bass strings: silver-plated copper)
  • Pickup installation for each model (additional costs may apply) in our in-house workshop
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