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Hermann Hauser II

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Hermann Hauser II (1911-1988)

After a four-year apprenticeship at the state vocational school for violin making in Mittenwald, Hermann Hauser II began working in his father’s workshop in 1930. In the course of several years of cooperation between father and son, all instruments were signed by Hermann Hauser I. After more than 20 years in guitar making, Hermann Hauser II took over his father’s business in October 1952. From this time on and until 1983, the instruments were signed by Hermann Hauser II. The first guitar signed by Hermann Hauser II had the number 500. His last guitar probably had the number 1050.
Hermann Hauser II developed especially the classical instruments of Hermann Hauser I further defined specific forms through intensive relationships with guitar virtuosos. His guitars were ordered by the same virtuosi who already played his father’s guitars, as well as by artists who lived in the presence of Hermann Hauser II. Based on the tradition and the collaboration with his father, exquisite further developments and new developments were created. Just like his father, Hermann Hauser II cultivated personal and friendly relations with the guitarists. Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Django Reinhart, and many others greatly appreciated the hospitality and the instruments of Hermann Hauser II.

One of his most important instruments was made in 1957. Julian Bream played this instrument from 1959 to 1963, and in 1960 he recorded music from Albeniz, Scarlatti, Berkley, Rodrigo, Frescobaldi, Ravel, and Rousell. You can hear this guitar on a recording of the edition “The Art of Julian Bream.”

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