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Altamira – Torres 1888


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Altamira is a well-established brand that has built up a solid reputation in recent years thanks to great instruments of consistent quality at excellent value for money. Altamira guitars are made by a highly trained and experienced team of luthiers under the direction of the owner and luthier Hanson Yao, who was an apprentice at the famous Rodriguez workshop in Spain.

This excellent replica is a tribute to the great master of Spanish guitar building, Antonio de Torres. The guitar on which this beautiful instrument is based is a guitar from 1888, the same year that Antonio de Torres built Francisco Tárregas guitar. Therefore this model is built with a traditional fan strut. The accurate inlay work gives this special instrument a noble and refined appearance. The back is made of three pieces, Indian rosewood on the edges and a central piece of Madagascar rosewood

The sound of this guitar as well as its smooth and easy playability is very reminiscent of the sensations you get from a vintage guitar. The trebles sound remarkably clear with authentic characteristics and an inspiring spectrum of timbres. The basses sound deep with a powerful tone and a very Spanish sound color. It is therefore an excellent instrument, both in its construction and sound quality, which is offered at a very reasonable price.

The photos of this guitar are general product images that may differ from the actual instrument.

Luthier: Altamira
Construction year: 2020
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Indian rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1345 grams
Air resonance frequency: F

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