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Antonio Marin Montero – 2019 “Premium”


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Product Description

The Premium models are unique instruments that are developed in cooperation with a selection of exceptional luthiers. These models are exclusively available at Siccas Guitars and are built with the finest Cites-certified Brazilian rosewood of premium quality. Due to its outstanding physical and tonal characteristics, this wood has been used in guitar building since the 19th century and is regarded as the most valuable and aesthetically appealing tonewood in guitar building.

Antonio Marín Montero was born in Granada in 1933. In 1957, he joined master Pérez’s workshop and two years later, in 1959, his father advised him to visit Eduardo Ferrer for whom he worked until opening his own workshop. A milestone in Antonio Marin Montero’s career was his meeting with the French luthier Robert Bouchet in the 1970s. The two artists became friends and built several guitars together. The confrontation between Marin Montero’s Spanish building system and Robert Bouchet’s very particular bracing construction was a great source of inspiration for Antonio Marin Montero, and he continued to build a model with the ” Robert Bouchet ” bracing throughout his career. Today Antonio Marin Montero is one of the most sought-after Spanish guitar makers.

What a wonderful guitar. This “Premium” Antonio Marin Montero is the first model with a three-piece back and a “Bouchet” bracing that we have the pleasure to offer from the great master from Granada. The wood chosen for the back is absolutely stunning and shows two different colors, strongly reminiscent of the back of some Miguel Rodriguez “Churchdoor” guitar. This “Churchdoor” Antonio Marin Montero is in pristine condition and is a sonic marvel.

With its very solid construction, 66 cm scale length, and superbly responsive soundboard, this instrument can easily fill the largest concert venues. The outermost clear and glassy sounding trebles, possess a very dense tone, projecting easily and with an even sustain. Basses are fast and lively with a distinct baritone voice. It is overall a wonderful guitar, unique in its sound and construction, built by one of the most respected Spanish luthiers of our time.

Luthier: Antonio Marin Montero
Construction year: 2019
Top: Spruce
Body and sides: Brazilian rosewood (CITES-certified)
Scale: 660 mm
Nut: 53 mm
Weight: 1665 grams
Air resonance frequency: G#
Tuners: Schaller GrandTune
Strings: Knobloch 400ADC
Case: Cibeles
Condition: Mint


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