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Boguslaw Teryks – 2023 No. 289 Doubletop


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Bogusław Teryks, a distinguished Polish guitar maker residing in Mainz, Germany, has been crafting guitars since 1982. His journey into the world of guitar making is deeply rooted in his childhood, surrounded by music and the musical endeavors of his parents. This environment not only sparked his fascination with music as a unique form of communication but also nurtured his musical passion and sensitivity towards sound, crucial traits for a guitar maker. Teryks’s adventure with guitar building began in earnest following a friendly wager in seventh grade, which involved learning the most songs on the guitar within two weeks—a challenge he won. This victory marked a pivotal moment in his life, steering him towards his calling. His desire to play the classical guitar was further influenced by the Venezuelan virtuoso Alirio Díaz, along with other notable musicians like Jorge Cardoso and Wolfgang Lendle, after watching a concert broadcast on Polish television in 1975. These experiences laid the groundwork for Teryks’s belief in the importance of not just playing ability but also the need for a proper instrument to convey music’s embedded emotions.

The turning point in Teryks’s career came with his move to Germany, where he met Bruno Liebrecht in 1992. Liebrecht, the owner of a specialized guitar store, introduced him to the German luthier community, opening up opportunities for Teryks to access necessary materials, tools, and knowledge essential for guitar making. Under the mentorship of Manfred Pletz, Teryks crafted four instruments and was soon introduced to Gernot Wagner, one of Germany’s most esteemed guitar makers. Wagner’s guidance, coupled with Teryks’s innovative ideas, led to the creation of 63 guitars based on traditional construction methods. Wagner’s sharing of his advanced double-top concept, a revolutionary approach to guitar making, marked a significant development in Teryks’s career. This technique allowed Teryks to become the third luthier (after Wagner and Dammann) worldwide to build guitars using this innovative technology. Teryks’s commitment to breaking stereotypes about guitar sound through modern instruments that offer a wide dynamic range and rich tonal quality has been recognized and appreciated in the music world, as evidenced by the accolades his instruments have received, including first-place wins at guitar making competitions in Gdańsk and the Grand Prix in 1999 and 2003. His dedication to continuous improvement, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep philosophical approach to sound underscore his belief in the transformative power of music through quality craftsmanship. His beautifully sounding and carefully crafted instruments are used by outstanding guitarists, including: Yoshimasa Yoshida, musicians of the Niibori Guitar Orchestra, Pavel Kukhta, Jakob Bangsø, Johanes Müller, Amaral Duo, Marcin Dylla, Łukasz Kuropaczewski, Vera Danilina.

This brand-new guitar emerges as a quintessential concert instrument, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of any performance scenario. It stands as a testament to power and precision, offering an assurance of ample volume to fill concert halls and captivate audiences. Beyond its robust sound, this guitar is designed with the player’s comfort in mind, featuring easy playability that allows for a relaxed demeanor even during the most intense performances. The combination of a spruce soundboard with Ziricote back and sides, selected with the utmost care for the highest quality, contributes to the instrument’s exceptional sound. The guitar’s construction not only aims for aesthetic beauty but also enhances its acoustic capabilities, ensuring that the clarity of its trebles shines through even in the most complex polyphonic compositions.

Regarded as one of the finest double-top guitars available today, this instrument embodies the pinnacle of contemporary guitar craftsmanship. Its design and construction reflect a deep understanding of the nuances of sound production, resulting in a guitar that excels in both projection and tonal quality. The meticulous selection of materials and the attention to detail in its making ensure that this guitar stands out not only for its powerful and clear sound but also for its ability to support artists in expressing the full depth of their musicality. For the discerning guitarist seeking a top-tier instrument that combines volume, clarity, and playability, this guitar represents the ultimate choice, promising an unparalleled playing experience in all concert situations.

Luthier: Boguslaw Teryks
Construction year: 2024
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Ziricote
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm
Weight: 2280 grams
Air body frequency: F#/G
Tuners: Gotoh
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: New

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