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Daniel Lesueur – 1975


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Daniel Lesueur (1933-2021) was a particularly renowned French guitar maker known for his exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. He began his career as a luthier in the 1970s when he befriended Daniel Friederich, who was still working as a carpenter in Paris and became his apprentice at the age of 39. His guitars quickly gained international interest and many professional guitarists chose his instruments.

In the 1980s, Lesueur’s fame was at its peak and he was awarded the prestigious title of “Meilleur ouvrier de France” (Best Artisan of France). He went on to win further numerous awards for guitar-making both nationally and internationally, drawing the attention of renowned musicians including Toninho Ramos, Celco Machado, Mitsutoshi Tanaka, and Alvaro Pieri. Lesueur was known for his striking beauty, impeccable playability, and rich, complex tone. He worked primarily with woods such as Brazilian rosewood, European spruce, and various species of mahogany and maple, carefully selecting each piece for its unique tonal characteristics and visual appeal.

One of the things that set Lesueur apart from other guitar makers was his commitment to using traditional building techniques. He hand-cut and shaped each piece of wood, and relied on time-honored methods such as hide glue and hand-scraping to ensure that his guitars had the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and tone.

In addition to his standard line of guitars, Lesueur also offered a number of custom options for players who wanted a truly one-of-a-kind instrument. He worked closely with his clients to understand their playing styles, preferences, and needs and built each guitar to their specific specifications.

Sadly, Daniel Lesueur passed away, but his legacy will live on through his work. His dedication to traditional building methods, his attention to detail, and his ability to create truly unique and personalized instruments made him one of the most respected and sought-after luthiers in the industry. His contributions to the craft of guitar-making will be remembered for years to come.

This magnificent guitar from 1975 is a perfect example of Daniel Lesueur’s guitar at its finest. One can easily notice the similarities with Daniel Friederich’s guitar. It is written on the label that this instrument is a copy of Daniel Friederich’s guitar and authorized by Daniel Friederich himself (“Copie D. Friederich avec son autorisation”). Daniel Friederich started using cedar as a soundboard in 1973/1974. As this instrument from 1975 was also built using a cedar soundboard, it shows how close Daniel Friederich and Daniel Lesueur were. The guitar also comes with CITES-certified Brazilian rosewood back and sides, which is a true bargain for this price point. Acoustically, this instrument number 74 is a reminiscence of Daniel Friederich’s guitar. It has a very similar timbre and sound character. The power and warmth of the tones are astonishing, and the color possibilities are inspiring. The complex-sounding trebles are to die for. This instrument is the chance for collectors and Friederich’s guitars fan to own a very rare instrument at a very attractive price point.

A poem about Daniel Lesueur and this guitar

A master of the craft was he,
Daniel Lesueur was his name.
A renowned French guitar maker,
With exceptional skill and fame.

He started young, with mentor kind,
Apprenticed to Daniel Friederich,
He soon gained worldwide appeal,
His guitars chosen by the rich.

With accolades and awards in tow,
Lesueur’s fame rose to its peak.
Respected by musicians all around,
His beauty, playability, a treat.

Woods of rose and maple fine,
Selected with care and skill.
Traditional methods were his line,
From hand-scraping to the glue he’d fill.

Custom options too, with care,
He’d build each guitar with flair,
For each client was unique,
Their playing style and needs to meet.

Though he’s gone, his legacy lives on,
His work an inspiration still.
A true master of the craft,
Daniel Lesueur will always thrill.

This guitar from seventy-five,
A masterpiece, so rare and fine.
A tribute to Daniel Friederich,
With tone and beauty all combined.

The cedar soundboard, rosewood too,
With certification, a rare find.
A chance for collectors to own,
A guitar of beauty and of mind.

Watch the presentation video of this particular guitar below, where you will find a lot of additional information about its playability and sound.

Luthier: Daniel Lesueur
Construction year: 1975
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood (CITES certified)
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 54 mm
Weight: 1890 grams
Air body frequency: G#/A
Tuners: Gotoh
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hardshell
Condition: Very good

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