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Daniele Chiesa – 2023 64 cm


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Italian luthier Daniele Chiesa was born in Bergamo, Italy, in 1973. He began playing classical guitar and jazz guitar at the age of twelve. In 1994 he learned violin making at the Violin Building School in Cremona and graduated in 1998. Shortly after, he went to California, where he worked in Kenny Hill’s workshop for a year. After that, he returned to Italy to work with the guitar maker Paolo Viscardi. However, he was later drawn back to California, where he worked with Tom Ribbecke. Finally, in 2002, Daniele moved to Spain to participate in a workshop with Francisco Santiago Marin. This experience was so profound for him that he decided to move to Granada to open his workshop and, simultaneously, have the opportunity to learn from such master luthiers as Paco Santiago Marin, Antonio Marin, José Plazuelo, and Rolf Eichinger.

This 2023 Daniele Chiesa guitar is a masterpiece of lutherie that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of its maker. From the meticulous selection of premium tonewoods to the artful execution of every detail, this brand-new instrument represents the pinnacle of guitar making. The spruce soundboard has been chosen carefully to balance acoustic properties and aesthetics perfectly. The result is a rich and clear sound, with a full-bodied and expressive character that genuinely represents the Spanish sound, keeping with the finest traditions of the Granada school of guitar making. One of the guitar’s standout features is its 640 mm scale, which makes it an ideal choice for guitarists with smaller hands. The neck is comfortably shaped, and the stretch-friendly scale ensures exceptional playability and quick progress, making this guitar an excellent choice for guitarists of the highest level. The crystal-clear trebles sing beautifully throughout the register, while the basses are perfectly balanced to match the overall voicing of the instrument. This creates a rich, full-bodied, expressive, and cohesive sound, making it a pleasure to play and listen to. In conclusion, the 2023 Daniele Chiesa guitar is a work of art that offers exceptional sound quality, playability, and aesthetics.

Here comes a poem

From Bergamo’s rolling hills, a young boy grew,
His passion for music began to brew,
Classical and jazz guitar at just twelve,
He played with a fire that would forever dwell.

Years of study and dedication were his way,
Violin making, his craft, he honed day by day,
In California, he worked with Kenny Hill,
And from Tom Ribbecke, he learned with a thrill.

But it was in Granada where his heart was found,
With Francisco Santiago Marin, his knowledge profound,
Paolo Viscardi, Antonio Marin, José Plazuelo too,
Master luthiers that helped his dream come true.

With exceptional craftsmanship, this guitar is made,
The pinnacle of lutherie, a masterpiece displayed,
Every detail artfully executed with care,
Daniele Chiesa’s skill and passion so rare.

From the premium tonewoods, each selected with intent,
To the spruce soundboard, balancing aesthetics and acoustic content,
The Spanish sound with the Granada school in mind,
A rich, full-bodied, and expressive voice to find.

A standout feature, the 640 mm scale,
Ideal for smaller hands, it’s easy to avail,
A neck comfortably shaped, stretch-friendly scale to inspire,
The playability of this guitar a true masterpiece to admire.

Crystal-clear trebles, basses perfectly matched,
A rich, full-bodied, expressive sound that’s perfectly hatched,
Daniele Chiesa’s guitar, a work of art,
A true pleasure to play and listen, setting guitarists apart.

Watch the presentation video of this particular guitar below, where you will find a lot of additional information about its playability and sound.

Luthier: Daniele Chiesa
Construction year: 2023
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Indian rosewood
Scale: 640 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1565 grams
Air body frequency: G#
Tuners: Alessi
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: New

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