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Dietmar Heubner – 2021


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Dietmar Heubner builds traditional guitars with modern sound aesthetics. His instruments impress with their sustain and exceptional sound volume. Due to their variety of timbres and the wide dynamic spectrum, they offer many possibilities for guitarists to express themselves through a unique sound. Dietmar started his career in the ’80s in Stuttgart as a cabinet maker but soon followed his real passion, building classical guitars. Early on, he followed the Spanish guitar building tradition.

To craft this extraordinary instrument, Dietmar Heubner decided to refrain from using machines and to get as close as possible to the wood. Using hand planes and scraper blades, he shaped the top and the back and sides. This masterly feat of craftsmanship allowed him to control the thickness of the wood, adjust spontaneously to its characteristics, and take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities inherent in any craft. This approach is perfectly in line with Dietmar’s philosophy, emphasizing that traditional construction still offers unlimited possibilities for development in terms of sound aesthetics, projection, and everything else that makes the guitar such an exceptional instrument.

The result is a very vivid and delightful guitar. It exhibits impressive tonal volume, projection, and openness that is astounding for a guitar that just left the workshop. The trebles sound brilliant and warm at the same time. In addition, the slightly raised fingerboard provides for playing comfort in the higher registers. The list of objective qualities of this guitar is long. We are most excited about the subjectivity, emotion, and charm that this instrument emanates.

Luthier: Dietmar Heubner
Construction year: 2021
Top: Cedar
Body and sides: Madagascar rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm
Weight: 1685 grams
Air body frequency: G#
Tuners: Scheller
Strings: Knobloch 400ADC
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: New

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