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Dominik Wurth – 2020 Doubletop


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Dominik Wurth grew up in a small rural village located at the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. He discovered the guitar in his early twenties. After some time and technical progress he became dissatisfied with the sound of his beginner’s guitar and needed a better instrument. To get a deeper insight into the differences in quality and to be better prepared to buy the right instrument, he started reading about guitar building. After reading several books, the idea of not buying a guitar but building one grabbed him and after a very long and hard ordeal he finished his first guitar. In order to give his chosen path a direction, he matriculated at the world’s only university for string instruments in Zwickau and completed his studies in 2012. During this time he received the title “Master of the Plucked Instrument Maker’s Handicraft”.

From the luthier:

“My goal in building a double top guitar is to create an instrument that emphasizes the advantages of such a construction like sound volume and projection. In the development of my guitar with double top I was actively supported by Gernot Wagner. He gave me extensive advice and explained the exact construction of his guitars. With this double top construction method I achieve a weight advantage of up to 25% compared to a solid top. Another reason for the increased volume is the laminated rib construction I developed myself. In this case, the frames are no longer bent over the bending iron as is traditionally the case. I use several thin layers of fine tone wood veneer, which are glued together by pressing them into a molding template that has the shape of the guitar’s sides. This creates a stiff construction that perfectly supports the double-top. The lower weight not only improves the volume, it also makes the playability more comfortable and improves the response.

An amazing response with a big and powerful sound make this guitar a real pleasure to play. It has a wonderful palette of overtones that resonate and create a kind of echo effect. The instrument responds very well to different kinds of attack and hand position, which makes it a very accomplished concert guitar. Something that stands out about this double top is its very natural sound character. Dominik spends a lot of time perfecting the voicing of his instruments, and this one has that little something extra. Clear, rich trebles that hover towards the Gernot-Wagnerian sound, paired with strong and energetic basses. The craftsmanship is refined with a sense of wholeness that goes through the entire design in a magnificent way. Dominik uses a traditional shellac polish to create a mirror-smooth finish. In addition, the saddle and bridge bones are worked in such a way that each string is individually compensated, which greatly improves intonation.


Luthier: Dominik Wurth
Construction year: 2020
Top: Cedar
Body and sides: Indian rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm
Weight: 1596 grams
Air resonance frequency: E
Tuners: Alessi
Case: Cibeles
Condition: New



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