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Hernandez y Aguado – 1963 No. 233

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Manuel Hernandez, originally Santiago Diaz Martinez, was born in 1895 in Valmojado, near Toledo. Just two years later, in 1897, Victoriano Aguado Rodriguez was born in Madrid. Their paths crossed in Madrid, where they worked in a piano factory. Their profound friendship led to the establishment of their own business, which initially specialized in the restoration of furniture and pianos. Their talent in guitar making was serendipitously discovered when the passionate guitarist Victoriano Aguado Rodriguez crafted two guitars for himself between 1945 and 1948. These guitars caught the attention of Regino Sainz de la Maza, the guitar professor at the Real Conservatorio in Madrid at the time, who encouraged the duo to further hone their skills.

When they later collaborated with Modesto Borreguero, who had previously worked with the renowned guitar maker Manuel Ramirez, they delved deeper into the craft of guitar making. Their success was monumental: Hernandez y Aguado guitars were sold globally, even to Thai Queen Sirikit. Legendary musicians such as John Williams, Julian Bream, and Atahualpa Yupanqui chose “HyA” guitars for their performances.

Crafted in the golden era of guitar making, the 1963 Hernández y Aguado guitar, numbered 233, stands as an emblematic testament to the mastery of Spanish luthiery. Heralded as a rare gem, this instrument encapsulates all the signature characteristics that have propelled Hernández y Aguado creations to global acclaim. Its tonal richness emanates with unparalleled expressiveness, offering an exceptional balance between the basses and trebles, a quality that accentuates the nuances of various musical pieces. Coupled with an enviable sustain and impeccable intonation, this guitar resonates with pure musical harmony.

Despite gracefully aging over half a century, this guitar retains its majesty, bearing witness to its time-tested quality. While it possesses two expertly restored cracks on its soundboard, a delicate 2mm wide strip of wood has been inlaid seamlessly where the bookmatched top converges, preserving its original charm. The rear remains immaculate, devoid of any blemishes, while the side reveals a minute, almost imperceptible 2cm crack at the base.

The Hernández y Aguado guitar No. 233 is not just an instrument; it’s a confluence of history, artistry, and passion. An exquisite piece of musical history, it beckons to both players and collectors, offering a touch of legacy and an auditory experience that is undeniably transcendent.

Luthier: Hernandez y Aguado
Construction year: 1963
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood (CITES certified)
Scale: 654 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1485 grams
Air body frequency: F#
Tuners: Fustero
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: Excellent

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