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J. J. Honoré Derazey – 1830


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Jean Joseph Honoré Derazey (1794-1883) carreer’s was typical of Mirecourt. After his apprenticeship, spent in some of the best workshops of Mirecourt and later in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume notices his excellence workmanship, an employed him to make violins destined for his Paris shop. From that time onwards, Honoré (in Mirecourt people were almost always called by ther second names, since ther first name was usually the same as ther father’s) made some extraordinary violins for the firm Vuillaume. In 1840 he left Paris to return to Mirecourt, although he continued working for Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. Thanks to his experience and skill. He soon tool over the managemen of a factory, in which they also made decorated violins, inspirated by the mythical luthier Duiffopruggar, alternating this production with much simpler violins, made chiefly for export. They also made numerous guitars, some of which, destined for the English market where French musical instruments were very popular, were made in the Panormo style. In 1862, he took over the firm Nicolas, undoubtedly the oldest and most important factory at Mirecourt, together with all of its workers. Honoré Derazey won some prices and special mentions at the Paris Great Exhibitions of 1839 and 1844, and was especially successful in London in 1851, where he won a First Class medal and where he was again recognized in 1855 and in 1862. Justin, Honoré’s son, made violins, but was less successful than his father. The sound box of the guitar presented here, which has a double soundboard, is of sycamore, and the back has a small sound hole.

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