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Karl-Hermann Schäfer – 2023


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Karl-Hermann Schäfer started making guitars in 1966. He did his apprenticeship under the guidance of master guitar maker Ernest Köröskeny and later studied under master guitar maker Dieter Hopf. After having worked in Hopf’s workshop from 1971 to 1994, he opened his own in Oberneisen and moved to Niederbrechen, Germany, five years later. Karl-Hermann Schäfer has specialized in making the most wonderful replicas one could wish for. These instruments are not only well built, but they also offer the very authentic sound of master instruments of the past.

The 2023 Karl-Hermann Schäfer is a reverent nod to the storied traditions of classical guitar craftsmanship, drawing inspiration from the iconic 1867 Antonio de Torres FE23. While the original FE23 was sculpted from Brazilian rosewood, this modern rendition features the elegance of a spruce soundboard paired with the ethereal beauty of cypress for its back and sides, marking a thoughtful deviation in material choice.

From an auditory perspective, the Schäfer guitar emerges as a paragon of acoustic excellence. It envelops the listener in a tapestry of sound characterized by a sophisticated interplay of complexity, depth, and finesse – hallmarks of premium musical instruments. Its bass notes are robust, emanating profound resonances that linger in one’s senses, while the trebles ascend with crystalline clarity, painting a vast soundscape that is both intricate and expansive.

Every detail of the guitar’s construction is imbued with intentionality, radiating an allure that is both captivating and evocative. This allure, combined with its remarkable sustain, positions it in a class above the rest, setting it apart in a crowded field of contemporaries. Notably, its bass tones hearken back to an era of old-world charm, satiating the palate of aficionados with a penchant for vintage Spanish guitars.

In its entirety, the tonal profile of the 2023 Karl-Hermann Schäfer is nothing short of theatrical. It doesn’t merely produce sound; it narrates a melodious tale, each note contributing to an unfolding story that is as timeless as it is contemporary.

Luthier: Karl-Hermann Schäfer
Construction year: 2023
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Cypress
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 49,5 mm
Weight: 1165 grams
Air body frequency: F
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II “Siccas Guitars” Edition
Condition: New

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