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Lorenzo Frignani – 2024 No. 260 ON HOLD

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Lorenzo Frignani’s passion for luthiery first ignited at the end of the 1970s. He began his professional journey in 1986 and has since garnered numerous accolades both domestically and internationally, winning several lute-making competitions in Italy, such as those held in Bagnacavallo and Baveno. He has also served as a member of juries for competitions in Baveno, Pisogne, and Sesto Fiorentino. Frignani is a consultant for several foundations, associations, and museums dedicated to music and even an artistic consultant for the Comune of Pieve di Cento in Bologna for events related to stringed instruments, including exhibitions, conventions, courses, and concerts. He is currently the President of the A.L.I Professionisti, the Professional Italian Association of Luthiery. His expertise lies in the creation and restoration of fretted and bow instruments. In 2007, he founded LF Editions and published various catalogs and articles on classical luthiery and antique plucked instruments. As a renowned collector and expert, he resides and works in Modena, Italy.

This exquisite guitar, crafted by the renowned luthier Lorenzo Frignani, captivates at first glance, demonstrating the pinnacle of guitar-making artistry. The choice of a spruce soundboard, distinguished by its striking bear claw figures, not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes significantly to the instrument’s acoustic excellence. Complementing this is the Santos rosewood selected for the back and sides, a choice that adds depth and richness to the guitar’s overall tone. Frignani’s inspiration drawn from David Rubio’s sound ideal and plantilla is evident, as he skillfully incorporates an “x-bracing” characteristic of Rubio’s design philosophy. This adaptation, a nod to the Italian maestro’s techniques, imbues the guitar with a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern acoustical engineering, making instrument number 260 a masterpiece of both form and function.

The guitar’s distinct and powerful personality is further accentuated by its seamless integration of voices across the register, each contributing its distinctive color to form a cohesive and balanced sound. The relaxed timbre of the guitar not only enriches the playing experience but also invites a sense of joy and ease, making every performance feel genuinely effortless. Playing this Lorenzo Frignani creation becomes more than just a musical endeavor; it transforms into a celebration of sound, where each note and chord resonates with clarity and warmth. It’s clear that this guitar, with its unparalleled beauty and exceptional sound quality, represents Frignani’s dedication to the craft and his ability to create instruments that not only meet but exceed the expectations of musicians around the world.

Luthier: Lorenzo Frignani
Construction year: 2024
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Santos Palisander
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm
Weight: 1480 grams
Air body frequency: F/F#
Tuners: Alessi
Strings: Knobloch 400ADQ
Case: Eastmen red
Condition: New

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Denis Pécaut, Manuel Luchena, Jonathan Singgih Pranoto
+49 721 38143275
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