Manuel de la Chica – 1936


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Manuel De La Chica (1911-1998) is one of the most important guitar builders from Granada up to date. He was a self-taught luthier who studied and reproduced the guitars of Santos Hernandez in the 1930s. He later spent some time in Pepe de la Alhambra’s workshop, who worked with Benito Ferrer, before setting up his own workshop. He unfortunately had to retire due to health problem caused by the inhalation of dust and chemicals in 1973.

This guitar is a very rare early guitar built by Manuel De La Chica and was completed the 1st of August 1936. The label is hand-signed with a writing feather and one can appreciate Manuel De La Chica’s gorgeous calligraphy. It is an enjoyably light guitar, finely built with a colourful rosette, an incredible Brazilian rosewood set, a smooth and fluid head-shape. It is in very good condition and has only three very well repaired cracks on the top, as well as a few typical Brazilian rosewood cracks on the back (perfectly repaired and stable). The engraved machine heads are originals. This guitar has a delightful tone, the playability is incredibly comfortable, and the guitar reacts to the lightest stroke. It is a truly graceful instrument with a mesmerizing tone.

Luthier: Manuel De La Chica
Construction year: 1936
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Brazilian Rosewood
Scale: 656 mm
Nut: 52 mm

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