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Marcelo Barbero – 1954


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Born in Madrid in 1904, Marcelo Barbero was an esteemed Spanish luthier, recognized for his exceptional craftsmanship in producing both classical and flamenco guitars. He started his journey in the craft under the tutelage of José Ramirez II, a well-known guitar maker from whom Barbero inherited a great deal of knowledge and technical skill. However, his style matured more closely aligned with that of Domingo Esteso and Santos Hernandez, two other legendary Spanish luthiers.

In 1943, the sudden death of Santos Hernandez led Barbero into an unprecedented position in the history of guitar making. Hernandez’s widow, Mathilda Ruiz, entrusted Barbero with the responsibility of completing her late husband’s pending orders. Consequently, Barbero found himself working in Hernandez’s legendary workshop at the iconic Aduana 23 address, where he had access to Hernandez’s tools and parts.

It was during this period that Barbero developed a deep understanding of Hernandez’s unique techniques and his previously undisclosed crafting secrets. His time at the Hernandez workshop significantly influenced his guitar-making style, contributing to his rise as an archetypal flamenco guitar builder. Barbero’s instruments were highly valued for their exceptional sound, lightweight construction, and visually pleasing aesthetics, all of which hearkened back to the craftsmanship of Hernandez.

Marcelo Barbero continued to refine and develop his skills, building guitars that became highly sought after by both classical and flamenco guitarists worldwide. His innovative approach and dedication to his craft have left an indelible impact on the world of Spanish lutherie. Even after his death in 1956, Barbero’s legacy continues to resonate, influencing generations of luthiers and musicians. His guitars remain highly coveted, appreciated for their exquisite tonal quality, craftsmanship, and historical significance.

The 1954 Marcelo Barbero guitar stands as a rare jewel in the world of classical guitars, a testament to the exceptional artistry of one of the great luthiers of his time. Crafted during the zenith of Barbero’s illustrious career, this instrument is not just a guitar, but a piece of musical history.

Distinguished by its unique combination of materials, this guitar features a spruce soundboard paired with the less commonly used Padouk for the back and sides. The use of Padouk, a wood prized for its rich color and tonal qualities, is a rarity in Barbero’s creations, making this particular guitar a unique find for collectors and musicians alike.

The tonal character of this guitar is robust and deeply expressive. Each note played is imbued with a depth and richness that elevates any musical piece, adding a level of sophistication and emotional resonance that is truly unparalleled. This guitar does more than just play music; it weaves stories, colors emotions, and creates an aura of musical enchantment.

One of the most compelling qualities of this 1954 Marcelo Barbero guitar is the intimacy it offers to the player. There is a certain closeness, a connection that is forged between the musician and the instrument, making the experience of playing not just a performance, but a personal journey.

Despite its age, this guitar remains in very good condition, a testament to the quality of its construction and the care it has received over the years. The single repaired crack between the soundhole and the bridge does not detract from its beauty or its sound, but rather adds to the guitar’s story, marking its journey through time.

This guitar is a true rare piece of art, a beacon of historical craftsmanship, and a conduit of unparalleled musical expression.

Luthier: Marcelo Barbero
Construction year: 1954
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Padouk
Scale: 660 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1410 grams
Air body frequency: F#/G
Tuners: Fustero
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: Very Good

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