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Martin Bretscher – 2023 Soul-Cut 65 cm ON HOLD

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Martin Bretscher is a guitar maker known for his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to sustainable, fair, and unique guitars. His journey into the world of luthiery began with an apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. In 2003, Martin pursued his guitar-making passion and started his secondary education as a plucked instrument maker with Armin Hanika. He quickly distinguished himself as a talented and dedicated student, earning his master’s certificate in 2007. Martin was awarded the Master Craftsman Prize of the Bavarian State Government in the same year, an honor recognizing his exceptional talent and commitment to his work. In 2020, Martin founded Soul Guitars in Bavaria, which reflects his passion for creating sustainable, fair, and unique instruments. With a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, Martin’s guitars are built with the finest materials and designed to stand the test of time.

The Lattice Soulcut guitar represents a pinnacle of contemporary guitar design, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials and techniques. With a scale length of 650mm and a neck width of 52mm, it offers a classic feel that accommodates both intricate fingerstyle playing and bold strumming. The body is crafted from Elsbeere (Swiss pearwood), a choice that’s as unique as it is visually striking, providing a distinct tonal character that complements the guitar’s overall design. The top features thermo-treated spruce with lattice bracing, a technique that enhances the instrument’s resonance and projection, giving it a powerful voice that’s full of clarity and depth.

The neck is made from thermo-treated maple, flanked by dark smoked oak edges with a center inlay, creating a stunning visual contrast while offering a comfortable, smooth playing experience. The back and headstock are accentuated with dark smoked oak purfling and a herringbone-colored rosette, adding a touch of elegance. The fingerboard, a scalloped combination of richlite and smoked oak, provides a fluid, responsive touch for precision playing. The bridge, crafted from thermo-treated plum, complements the guitar’s aesthetic while contributing to its vibrant sound. Unique features like the soul cutaway design, smoked oak armrest, and Rubner EL SONIDO Custom tuning machines with plum pegs, not only enhance playability but also signify the guitar’s bespoke nature. Finished with a high-gloss shellac on the body and headstock, and a shellac/wax matt finish on the neck for a velvety, warm feel, the Lattice Soulcut is a testament to modern luthiery’s ability to create instruments that are both visually stunning and musically inspiring.

The Lattice Soulcut guitar not only stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and tradition in guitar craftsmanship but also embodies Martin’s philosophy of utilizing local and sustainable woods. This commitment is evident in the selection of Elsbeere (Swiss pearwood) for the back and sides, thermo-treated spruce for the top, and thermo maple for the neck, along with dark smoked oak for the purfling, rosette, and other details. The use of these materials reflects a dedication to sustainability and the promotion of environmentally friendly practices in luthiery. By choosing local woods that are both beautiful and acoustically superior, the guitar not only achieves a distinctive sound and appearance but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable musical instruments. This approach ensures that each Lattice Soulcut guitar is not just a piece of art but also a product of environmentally conscious craftsmanship, making it a more meaningful choice for musicians who value both quality and ecological responsibility.

Luthier: Martin Bretscher
Construction year: 2023
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Sorbus torminalis
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm
Weight: 1560 grams
Air body frequency: G/G#
Tuners: Rubner El Sonido
Strings: Savarez
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: New

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