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Paradis – Avalon Spuler 1995


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The company Paradis Guitars was founded in Switzerland in 1984 by Rolf Spuler, Matthias Grob, Jury Roten und Iris Dressler. They had the vision of a new generation of electrical guitars without heavy technical limitations thwarting clarity. At the same time, they dreamt of acoustic guitars that would be easier to amplify. They came up with a unique system to build guitars which are not just a mixture of acoustic and electric guitars but a revolutionary new approach to guitar building. Rolf Spuler made this gorgeous nylon-stringed instrument in 1995. The design is rather futuristic. The semi-solid body is made of beautifully grained mahogany and is elegantly curved with petal-like holes. The strings are knotted where you would normally expect the head and the tuners to be. There are two additional frets for low D as well as an E clamp for standard tuning. The tuners are on the back of the guitar behind the saddle which consists of Individually adjustable string saddles to improve intonation, sitting on long slots elegantly surrounded by Rosewood. The instrument can be connected to the Paradis polysubbass, a multiple octaver incomparable to other interfaces or effects. The guitar is very light and easy to play. The basses sound very full when the guitar is plugged in. The semi-solid body avoids feedback and allows natural wooden resonance at the same time. It is also compatible to all conventional synthesizers and electronic control gear. The guitar is in mint condition. A robust flight case, the polysubbass, a spare pickup, an original stereo volume pedal and an appropriate cable system are included.


Maker: Paradis Guitars
Model: Avalon Spuler
Year of construction: 1995
Colour: Natural
Top: Mahogany
Back and sides: Mahagony

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