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Roland Scharbatke – 2016

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Roland Scharbatke was born in the German city of Gotha, in Thuringia, in 1952. At 7, the entire family fled to West Germany, where he eventually found a new home in Iserlohn. His later career choice was based on his love for woods. He began an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking, where he learned everything he needed to know as a craftsman. As a journeyman, he deepened his knowledge and experience for another nine years in various workshops before he passed the master’s examination in this trade in 1979. In addition to his career as a cabinetmaker, his passion for playing the guitar logically led him to guitar-making.

He then traveled to Erlangen and visited the workshop of Gerold Karl Hannabach in Bubenreuth. Impressed by the knowledge and skills of the young craftsman, Gerold Karl Hannabach accepted Roland as his student in guitar-making. In 1989, Roland passed his master’s examination in the craft of plucked instrument making. Later in the same year, he set up his workshop in a wonderful old building in the center of Iserlohn.

Roland Scharbatke builds his guitars exclusively to the highest standards of craftsmanship and aesthetics, with purism as a trademark. His sense of aesthetics is expressed throughout the guitar, especially in the rosette and the headstock. Fascinated by the Japanese sense of style, clean lines, and simplicity, Roland Scharbatke builds his guitars without compromise, equally as musical instruments and art pieces.

The 2016 guitar crafted by Roland Scharbatke is a masterpiece that marries form and function in a display of unparalleled craftsmanship. The moment one encounters this guitar, its elegant design immediately commands attention, showcasing Scharbatke’s meticulous attention to both its acoustic properties and aesthetic appeal. From the minimalist headstock and the unique rosette to the harmonious proportions, every element of this instrument has been thoughtfully designed, elevating it beyond a mere tool for music into the realm of artistry. The use of top-grade cedar for the soundboard and Indian rosewood for the back and sides not only contributes to the instrument’s spectacular material quality but also enhances its tonal richness. Despite being a pre-loved piece, this guitar maintains a very good condition, bearing only minor playing marks without any structural damage, a testament to its durability and the quality of craftsmanship involved in its creation.

Sonically, this guitar by Roland Scharbatke is nothing short of phenomenal, living up to the luthier’s own expectations. Built upon a traditional 7 fan bracing system, the guitar boasts a powerful volume that effortlessly resonates throughout any space, captivating listeners with its bold and outspoken voice. This remarkable projection does not sacrifice the clarity or depth of sound, making it an exceptional instrument for performers seeking to engage and enchant their audience with the nuanced tones of classical guitar music. The combination of its unique design, superior material quality, and extraordinary sound makes this 2016 Scharbatke guitar a coveted piece for musicians and collectors alike, offering both a visually stunning and sonically rich experience that underscores the artistry and skill of its creator.

Luthier: Roland Scharbatke
Construction year: 2016
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Indian rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 51,5 mm
Weight: 1520 grams
Air body frequency: F/F#
Tuners: Scheller
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hardshell
Condition: Very Good

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