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Roy Fankhänel – 2011 RF127


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Product Description

This guitar, built by Roy Fankhänel in 2011, was based on a Francisco Simplicio model. Nevertheless, Roy Fankhänel has brought in many of his own ideas in the construction of this model, like for example his self-designed bracing system. Also the rosette is based on his own mosaik motif with varicolored veneers. The Neck-Body connection follows the Spanish way of construction of Josè Romanillos whereby the head is connected with the guitar’s neck by a conical mortise joint. The guitar has a strongly arched back of 10 mm on a length of 600 mm. The crossbars are supported by brackets. The guitar is coated with shellac (high-gloss closed porous) and has mechanics by Rubner.

Further construction details:

– Scale of strings 650 mm
– 20 frets
– Fretmarkers consisting of bone an 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th fret

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