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Napoleon COSTE (1805-1883)
01- La Source du Lyson, op.47 10’00

August Heinrich von WEYRAUCH (1788-1865), attributed to Franz SCHUBERT (1797-1828), transcribed by Francisco Tárrega/Fabio Zanon
02 – Adieu! (Nach Osten) 2’00

Giulio REGONDI (1822?-1872)
03 – Introduction et Caprice, op.23 10’06

Felix MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847), transcribed by Francisco Tárrega/Fabio Zanon 2 Lieder ohne Wörte (Songs Without Words):
04 – Venezianisches Gondellied (Venetian Boat Song), op.19 nº 6 3’14
05 – Consolation, op.30 nº 3 2’42

Johann Kaspar MERTZ (1806-1856)
06 – Bardenklänge, op.13: Lied ohne Wörte (Song Without Words) 4’26

Robert SCHUMANN (1810-1856), transcribed by Julian Bream Kindersonate (Children’s Sonata), op.118 A
07 – Allegro 2’28
08 – Thema mit Variationen (Theme with Variations) 3’31
09 – Puppenwiegenlied (Doll’s Cradle Song) 1’51
10 – Rondoletto 3’25

Jan Nepomucen BOBROWICZ (1805-1881)
11 – Prémière Grande Polonaise, op.24 9’56

Franz LISZT (1811-1886), transcribed by Fabio Zanon
12 – Andantino, S.192 1’44
13 – Nuages Gris (Gray Clouds), S.199 3’01

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