Thomas Ochs – Kasha Doubletop 2016


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Product Description

In his newest model, Thomas Ochs combines the advantages of his model „Kasha“ (clarity, brilliance, fundamental bass, sustain, balance in all registers and chords) with the advantages of the “Double-Top” construction. A Double-top, „sandwich-top“ or „composite-top construction is a special method in which the guitar’s top is laminated from several layers to obtain the lowest possible weight while at the same time having very good acoustic characteristics. The best-known method is the one developed by Matthias Dammann and Gernot Wagner in the 1990’s which is a laminate of two very thin (tone)wood layers with a middle layer of Aramid (Nomex). Instruments in double-top construction are attested a higher sound intensity with easy playability and excellent response. The inspiration for his model ‘Kasha’ came from the research on the acoustics of the guitar by the American physicist Prof. Dr. med. Michael Kasha. The design of the instrument reflects the acoustic principles underlying the design. The fact that the guitar has to radiate different frequencies as balanced as possible is taken into account in a strongly asymmetrical internal construction, which also includes the construction of the back. The asymmetrical top-bracing allows the development of different vibrating area for the individual frequency positions and prevents the so-called ‘acoustic short circuit’. The resonating back enhances the sound radiation in the bass range: the oscillating base area is increased and the cavity resonance is lowered.
Thomas Ochs places particular emphasis on an optimal playability of the instrument. A decent transverse curvature of the elevated fingerboard improves the playability, in particular when playing barré chords. The outer layer of the top is made of alpine spruce, the inner layer of Canadian red cedar and the middle layer of aramid honeycomb fabric. The neck made of Cedro is reinforced with carbon fiber. The tuning system is made by Gilbert.

Luthier: Thomas Ochs
Year of construction: 2016
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Flamed pear wood
Scale: 660 – 640 mm
Nut: 52,5 mm

Recording with a 2016 Thomas Ochs - Kasha Doubletop.

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