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Zbigniew Gnatek – 2013 Lattice


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Zbigniew Gnatek is a renowned Australian luthier based in Sydney, Australia. His guitars are particularly interesting and highly sought after. He builds instruments at the highest level and perfectly combines the tradition of European guitar building with the extraordinary sound characteristics of Australian lattice construction. His commitment to a powerful yet sonorous and colorful tone and his impeccable craftsmanship has earned him immense international success, and his waiting list now extends over many years. His guitars are, therefore, rare gems.

This guitar is a work of art and a true masterpiece of lutherie. It displays aesthetic harmony and excellent taste. Many details are particularly eye-catching. The inlaid rosette has a delicate light wheat ear on a red background, and the shape of the head is reminiscent of Robert Bouchet’s guitars. In addition, the armrest and the raised fingerboard remind us of the modern character of this guitar. Compared to the Australian standard, this relatively light lattice guitar stands out from the crowd due to its meticulous workmanship and incredible sound characteristics.

The efficiency of this guitar is mind-blowing. A tiny stroke results in a fantastic sound, and a pianissimo to fortissimo dynamic is a child’s game. The control over the tone, colors, relief, and power of sound is remarkable, and to the one looking for a world-class concert guitar, here you go.

Luthier: Zbigniew Gnatek
Construction year: 2013
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Bolivian rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1910 grams
Air body frequency: G#
Tuners: Sloane
Strings: Knobloch 400ADC
Case: TKL case
Condition: Very good

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