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The guitar has been one of the most popular musical instruments for many years. Whether it is an acoustic or electronic musical instrument, whether it is quiet or loud, whether at home or on stage, it can be used as a solo or accompanying instrument. It is as versatile as other instruments. When it comes to musical taste, there may be no style that cannot be achieved on the guitar. Of course, there is a correspondingly large selection of suitable guitars in every price range. There is a fundamental difference between concert guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. The advantage of a concert guitar with soft nylon strings is that your fingers are not stressed as much when pressing the strings as when playing steel-string guitars. In addition, the fingerboard on classical guitars is wider, so that it is initially easier to hold and there is no risk of accidentally damping the freely vibrating strings with your fingers. The classical guitar sound is soft, very light and very pleasant to play, especially for beginners. Therefore it is recommended for most people to learn to play the guitar with a classical guitar. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. If you only want to play blues or folk songs on a Western guitar or rock music or metal on an electric guitar, what good is that then? Frustrating years of practicing on a guitar that you don’t really want to play – the motivation passes quickly, practicing is no fun, the dream of making music is quickly over. Therefore you should ask yourself what kind of music you want to make at the beginning. Don’t worry: After a short time your fingers will get used to the steel strings of acoustic guitars. So if you know what kind of music you want to play in the long run, you will soon know which guitar to buy.

Classical guitar or acoustic guitar?

For those who like to play the guitar, Siccas Guitars offers a wide range of classical concert guitars with nylon strings as well as modern acoustic guitars with steel strings. Classical guitars are characterised by flat and wide fingerboards, which produce warm and soft classical and flamenco sounds when moved with the fingers, while acoustic guitars (also known as acoustic guitars) can be played with fingers or picks. The sound is therefore clear and powerful and rich in colour. Due to the higher string tension of this model, the fingerboard of the acoustic guitar is narrow and curved, which makes it easier to play chords.

Learn to play the guitar

Learn guitar as a beginner or enjoy the noble sound of a guitar master as a music lover. At Siccas Guitars you can get a lot of professional advice on which instrument is best suited to your needs. At Siccas Guitars you will find a variety of high-end guitars from all well-known guitar manufacturers. From instruments for beginners to handmade master guitars and rarities, Siccas Guitareine offers a wide range of options for playing and testing.

Quality check before shipping

At Siccas Guitars all guitars are thoroughly checked and adjusted by our team of experts to ensure that you will have unlimited pleasure with your guitar from day one. You can also have your guitar individually adjusted by us, our guitar maker is at your service!

Due to the worldwide demand for top-quality instruments, the majority of instruments are sold all over the world via the website. In contrast to many other dealers, Siccas Guitars focuses on high-quality and rare guitars, which are presented on the platform and via social media channels. The customer can watch lovingly produced videos on Youtube and on the website. Here videos of masterful musicians like Ana Vidovic, David Russel, Marcin Dylla, and many more are presented.

Siccas Guitars is specialized in master guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and historical guitars from all over the world. They also carry a large assortment of concert and student guitars to provide young talents and hobby musicians with the best possible equipment. Together with their customers they want to develop new ideas and share experiences.

Due to global demand the majority of the instruments are sold via the website. In contrast to other distributors Siccas Guitars specializes in rare and high-quality guitars, which are presented on the webstore at and through social media channels. Customers are able to watch excellent videos on Youtube and the website where instruments are introduced by virtuous musicians such as Ana Vidovic, David Russel, Marcin Dylla and many more.

Siccas Guitars specializes in master guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars as well as historic guitars from around the world. They also carry a wide range of concert and student guitars for young talents and amateur musicians. Together with their customers they want to develop new ideas and share experiences.


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