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The modern French name for luthier goes back to lute making. In the German-speaking world, the makers of stringed instruments were called violin makers, as violin was the generic term for various stringed instruments. However, violin makers also occasionally made plucked instruments such as lutes, mandolins, harps, guitars and hurdy-gurdies. Clear demarcations between the instrument makers were created later and regionally by professional associations. The craft of luthiers is usually divided into two main categories: Makers of stringed instruments that are plucked or bowed, and makers of stringed instruments that are bowed. Since stringed instruments require a bow, there is a sub-type in the second category known as a bow maker or archetier. Two important luthiers of the early 19th century who are associated with the development of the modern classical guitar are Louis Panormo and Georg Staufer. Antonio Torres Jurado is credited with developing the shape of the classical guitar that is still in use today. Christian Frederick Martin from Germany developed a form that evolved into the modern steel-stringed acoustic guitar.

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Enrico Bottelli

My instruments are individually built in my workshop and are part of an extremely limited production aiming to the highest quality in all the four main features of luthiery: workmanship, aesthetics and decorations, materials selection & finishing (french polished...

Erez Perelman

I dedicate myself to making one instrument at a time, a unique creation which is thoughtfully built for the player (client). While it is possible to be more efficient in making batches of instruments, I find that the highest level of quality and satisfaction is...

Felipe Conde – A guitar maker dynasty

1882 - 1937 FIRST PERIOD "DOMINGO ESTESO Domingo Esteso is one of the most important guitar makers in the history of the Spanish guitar. He began working as an apprentice in Manuel Ramírez's workshop, and when Ramírez died, he worked for his widow and put his name...

Ennio Giovanetti

I approached the production of classical concert guitars in 1998, after enrolling at the school of lutherie in Milan with the idea of building something else in mind. Thanks to attending a number of luthiers' workshops, it was easy to fall in love with an instrument...

Keijo Korelin

I have been making classical guitars as a full-time professional luthier since 2006. During these over 15 years I have build about 120 classical guitars and repaired many high-end instruments. I am a fourth generation woodworker- my father was a cabinet maker, my...

Rafal Turkowiak

Rafal Turkowiak was born on 9 January 1966 in Golanice near Leszno, Poland. His father, a carpenter, and grandfather, a wheel-wright, had a great influence on the boy in the field of carpentry and wood technology. At the age of 15, he graduated from a primary musical...

Vladimir Druzhinin

Vladimir Druzhinin was born in 1983 in Novosibirsk, Russia in scientists family. In 2000 graduated from high school (physico-mathematical speciality) and successfully passed the entrance exams to Novosibirsk State University. Graduated with the bachelor of physics...

Kazuo Sato and Hideo Sato

Kazuo Sato was born in Tokyo in 1946. In 1965 he began to learn his craft with master luthier Kuniharu Nobe. In 1965, Kazuo Sato began an apprenticeship with master guitar maker Nobe in Tokyo. In 1971 he went to Oxford/England to study with the famous master David...

Antonio Marin Montero

Antonio Marín Montero was born in Granada in 1933. He had no family history in the guitar world, and he had to overcome many problems as he worked in many different marquetry workshops. Very young he worked in Francisco Moya’s workshop. In 1957, he joined master...

Michael Cadiz

I was born in 1983 outside of Baltimore. My mother is from northern Michigan and my father, from the Philippines, hence the Spanish name. I came to the guitar initially as a player. I studied with Michael Nicolella throughout my high school years and then later in...

Dominik Wurth

In my early twenties, I discovered the guitar as a self-taught instrument. After my technical development, I felt that the sound of my first guitar was no longer satisfactory - the desire for a high-quality guitar arose. In order to be able to recognise and understand...

Otto Vowinkel

Otto Vowinkel  is a household name in the classical guitar world; a renowned luthier with customers all over the world. A guitar maker with great attention to detail and a strong preference for traditionally built guitars. His instruments are physically...

Fernando Mazza

Fernando Mazza is an unusual luthier. First of all, it must be said that he is a guitarist, he completed his career as a guitarist at the Conservatory Alberto Ginastera, Buenos Aires, although he found his true passion in the construction of the guitar. His demands as...

Walter Verreydt

Walter Verreydt made his first instruments in 1985. As a teacher wood working and a music lover it was a logical step to the interest in the construction of musical instruments His passion for the sound of the classical guitar drove him to guitar making. From the...

Stefan Nitschke

I was born 1982. When I was eleven years old, I started to play guitar. Since then, this instrument never lost ist hold of me! After a short period of learning classical guitar, I wanted to play the electric guitar and spent several years playing Blues, Rock and...

Paulino Bernabe

I was born among guitars, on 9 June 1960 in Madrid, in the workshop where my father worked. We lived upstairs and I was lucky enough that from a very young age I always saw how my father worked with the wood, selecting it and treating it with love and respect; he...

Vicente Carrillo

His professional experience comes from the lengthy history of the Carrillo family (since 1744), out of which, he is the seventh generation guitar maker. This was the decisive factor for him being honored with the Regional Craftsmanship award in 2009 and subsequently,...

Marco Gilioli

Marco Gilioli was born in Milan on 19 November 1987. A lifelong music lover, he began his classical studies first with the piano, which accompanied him for over 15 years, and then with the guitar. It is from a strong passion for this instrument that, almost by chance,...

Friederike Linscheid

My overarching goal while making my guitars is to give them a certain consistency of expression while preserving their unique personality. For me, this results from a cohesion of sound and appearance of each guitar. Both are defined by form and material, which I...

Adrian Heinzelmann

Adrian Heinzelmann is one of the most talented German guitar makers of his generation. His guitars are of great finesse and an aesthetic that combines the Spanish tradition and modernity for which German guitar makers are universally renowned. His guitars are played...

Jim Redgate

Jim Redgate was born in London in 1963 and his family emigrated to Australia in 1966. His father was a craftsman and taught him many woodworking skills at an early age. At the age of 19, he decided to build his first guitar. At that time he studied music and theory at...

Amalia Ramirez

Born in Madrid, she began her apprenticeship in the workshop in 1976 under the guidance of her father. He had to stop his instruction during the period in which he was training in other disciplines, which would later help him to carry out his work in the company. He...

Michael Brey

My initial training in the construction of Classical Guitars was given to me by Peter Barton in England from 1994 to 1996.
In the following years I worked for a Guitar Repair Shop a Guitar Dealer and a Violinmaker in Munich.


Richard Newman

I was born in the south of England in 1964. I build traditional guitars using traditional methods and materials. I am always aware that all the timbers I use were once living trees and deserve much respect. For this reason, I strive to achieve the finest workmanship possible using predominantly traditional hand tools.


Ariel Ameijenda

Ariel Ameijenda was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1963, as the son of one of the country’s most famous guitar makers, Manuel Ameijenda. Ariel’s father had learnt this difficult art from Juan Carlos Santurion. Santurion had studied at Fleta’s workshop in Barcelona, Spain in the early 1950s.


Markus Held

Markus Held was born in Heidenheim in 1973. At the age of seven, he had his first contact with the classical guitar. Today he lives in South-Germany near the Swiss border between Freiburg (D) and Basel (CH) in Müllheim-Vögisheim. His workshop is situated in the same building.


Michael Sander

In my workshop in Wiesloch near Heidelberg, I build guitars, lutes and other stringed instruments to order. For me, the really interesting


Tobias Braun

I was born in Holzminden/Weser, Germany in 1960. The following year my family and I moved to Perchtoldsdorf, a suburb of Vienna, Austria. After finishing


Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill is one of the most accomplished, experienced and versatile classical guitar makers in the world today. He is recognized as a fine maker, player, teacher and innovator. He has worked as an individual luthier, in small workshops as well as in large factory settings, to bring fine guitars to thousands of players of all levels around the world.

Philipp Neumann

Every single one of my guitars is the product of a long, intensive process. I call on all my knowledge and experience in order to produce high quality instruments. This is why I never build more than two guitars at the same time so that I can concentrate on every detail. Since the sound of the instrument depends


Jens Towet

Actually, when I was a kid, I wanted to learn the saxophone. But since there were no instruments available for a six-year-old child, my parents borrowed a children's guitar from friends. Since then the guitar has played an important "piece" in my life. I moved into my...

Curt Claus und Marc-Julian Voigt

Curt Claus Voigt began his apprenticeship in Mark Neukirchen, at the company Marma, Karl Bauer KG, a small factory in of 8-10 guitar makers, which manufactured in almost all types of guitars, including classical, jazz, and Hawaiian, as well as electric guitars and basses, mandolins and banjos.


Lorenzo Frignani

Lorenzo Frignani’s general interest in luthery begins at the end of the 1970s. His professional experience commences in 1985 and since then he has received numerous acclaims for his craft on both a national and international level. He has also won several lute-making competitions.


Antonio Morales Nogués

Antonio Morales Nogués was born in July 1956 in Monesterio (Extremadura). After a brief stay at Seville, at the age of 15 he moved to Palma de Majorca where he is currently living. His love of guitar building started already in his early years, we could say it has been there all the time, since he worked as a child in a cabinetmaker’s workshop.


Ennio Giovanetti

Seit 1998 baut Ennio Giovanetti klassische Konzertgitarren. Damals schrieb Ennio Giovanetti sich in der „scuola di liuteria“ in Mailand ein und hatte bestimmte Vorstellungen von den Instrumenten, die er zukünftig anfertigen wollte.


Kathrin Hauser

Mit ihrer ersten eigenen Gitarre wurde sie zu einer Sonderausstellung nach Tokyo eingeladen. Die renommierte, japanische, Fachzeitschrift „Gendai Guitar“ widmete Kathrin Hauser einen ausführlichen Artikel anlässlich dieser Sonderausstellung.


Hermann Hauser III

Beginning in 1974, Hermann Hauser III and his father built guitars independently in the same workshop. Hermann Hauser III provided his instruments with his own numbering and signature. Andres Segovia attested guitars of Hermann Hauser III undescribably beautiful sounds, and Pepe Romero simply calls his Hauser guitar the classical guitar with


Thomas Ochs

Seit September 2004 arbeitet Thomas Ochs in seiner eigenen Werkstatt in Kemmern nahe der Weltkulturerbestadt Bamberg in Oberfranken. Als Gitarrenbaumeister hat er den Anspruch, sich auch intensiv mit der Geschichte und den wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen des Instruments Gitarre auseinanderzusetzen.


Annette Stephany

Since 2003 I have been occupied with the construction of guitars and acustic plucked instruments. After three years of instruction at Mittenwald luthier school in Germany I worked for the master luthier Lorenzo Frignani in Modena (Italy) from 2006 to 2009.


Bernhard Kresse

During the last 25 years I have restored a considerable number of instruments, early 19th century guitars in particular, like Stauffer Panormo, Lacote or Fabricatore but also spanish-built guitars like Arias, Torres, Garcia or Hauser.



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