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Bernhard Kresse

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Bernhard Kresse – historical replicas from Cologne

Bernhard writes about himself: I have carried out numerous restorations on historical instruments over the last 25 years. My main focus is on romantic guitars of the early 19th century such as Stauffer, Panormo, Lacôte, or Fabricatore, but also guitars of Spanish design such as Arias, Torres, Garcia, or Hauser. My clients include professional musicians and private collectors as well as conservatories and museums.

In addition to the usual standard and overhaul work on guitars, more extensive restoration work is also carried out in my workshop. In most cases, the goal is a playable musician’s instrument. Depending on the condition and rarity value of the instrument, however, a purely conservative approach may also be indicated, aimed exclusively at preserving the instrument. However, this decision must be made with the owner in advance of the restoration.

By conservative approach, I mean that every intervention is reversible as far as possible. A prerequisite for this is the use of dissolvable glutin glues as they have been traditionally used in violin making for centuries. Another priority is the preservation of all instrument parts in their full substance, including the varnish. The replacement of complete components (in case of worm damage or destruction) should be the last option.

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