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Antonio Marin Montero

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Antonia Marin Montero – Luthier from Granada

Granada without Antonio Marín is like flamenco without Paco de Lucia. Countless guitar makers have learned from him. He was always open to pass on his knowledge. Today he is almost 90 years old and still stands in his workshop every day. His guitars are world-famous, and yet he has never got involved in any waiting lists, which doesn’t mean that his guitars are easy to get. It takes a lot of patience to get one of his instruments. His instruments are absolutely top class, although he has always built more classical guitars than flamenco guitars. We at Siccas Guitars had some beautiful guitars from him in the shop. A round, sweet singing tone with unique treble and very nice bass, paired with easy playability, make these instruments something special in the world of flamenco guitars.

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