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Paco Santiago Marin

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Paco Santiago Marín – Guitar maker

Paco Santiago Marín was born in Granada in 1946. He comes from a family of guitar makers and has been making guitars since 1965.
He loved wood from an early age. His father was Francisco Santiago Oliva, a carpenter by trade, who trained him in this profession and accompanied him in the carpentry workshop until 1963. He joined his uncle, Antonio Marín Montero, to learn the profession of guitar maker.

In 1972, he decided to go into business for himself and founded his own workshop. For the past 20 years, his son, Luis Santiago, has worked alongside him.

Paco has given courses at numerous international festivals:
– At the 6 º Competition and Festival of the Guitar of Havana, Cuba in May 1992.
– In the Festival of the Guitar of Córdoba in July 2000-2003.
– He also gave a seminar at the American Institute of Guitar in New York in November 1993.

His guitars are characterized by great projection, balance, and color of sound, reasons for which many of the well-known players of this instrument prefer them.

He has built replicas of very symbolic guitars of the old masters – for example, the guitar of Antonio de Torres from 1864, which belonged to Francisco Tárrega. The replica was built at the request of the guitarist Adrián Rius.

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