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Dieter Müller

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Dieter Müller – Guitar maker

Dieter Müller belongs to a small and select group of guitar builders who know the secrets and art of building double-top guitars. Since Dammann’s double-top innovation became known all over the world, many guitar builders started to build double-top guitars as well. Only a few masters, have managed to apply this sophisticated technique and achieve remarkable and significant improvements. Dieter Müller belongs to this small group of craftsmen, and he already enjoys a remarkable reputation in building double-top guitars. His skills, constant study, and training in science, and as an excellent guitarist have enabled him to develop an outstanding guitar. Besides lightness, his guitars are characterized by a powerful sound and great projection, as well as a sweet and colorful tone with endless sustain and rich overtones. His guitars are meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail, and as a guitarist, he knows how to build them to be comfortable and easy to play.

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