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Manuel Reyes

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Manuel Reyes Senior (1934-2014)

Manuel Reyes built guitars in the 1950s. He took Marcelo Barbero as his model. He corresponded with the master and also got some tips from him. Unfortunately, Barbero died too early to really show Reyes much, but his influence is unmistakable. At the end of the 60s, Reyes took a giant leap forward. The guitars he built from the 70s onwards have nothing in common with the earlier ones. When Vicente Amigo became aware of him, he already had a good reputation as a guitar maker. Waiting times of 15 years and longer were not uncommon. Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Manolo Franco, and many others play his guitars with enthusiasm. I have had several used Reyes in my shop and can confirm that they were always something special.

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