Working at Siccas Guitars

Due to our strong growth we are constantly looking for people who want to join our team. Do you have experience in music retailing, e-commerce or SEO? Are you a guitar builder? Are you studying and in search for a side job or an internship? Then apply with us for a chance to exercise your creativity and develop yourself in a supportive team:

Send us your application as PDF (4MB per file max).

We are always interested in motivated people. Send us your documents (who you are and where you are with us) and we will contact you.

You can upload your application (.pdf) here (max. 4 MB)

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At Siccas Guitars, you have the possibility to sell your guitar. It does not matter if you want to sell a classical guitar, an electric or acoustic guitar. We do not charge you any fee and after we sold your guitar you will get the amount, that we contractually agreed on beforehand. You also have the possibility to sell the guitar directly to us, if the guitar fits with our selection of instruments. Besides that, we offer you the possibility to take your guitar as a trade-in if you are e looking for a new guitar. If you would like to sell your guitar directly to us we will make you an offer within 48 hours. To be able to make you an offer and to get a correct impression of your guitar, we need all the information you have about your instrument, such as condition, repairs, year of construction and of course detailed photos. If you decide to sell us your guitar, we will discuss different transportation options with you. After we have checked the guitar we will send you the contract of purchase. We will transfer the money to you within two working days.