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Lorenzo Frignani

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Lorenzo Frignani – guitar maker from Modena

Lorenzo Frignani has been interested in plucked and stringed instrument making since the late 1970s. He began his professional career in this field in 1985 and has since received numerous national and international awards. He has won variously plucked and stringed instrument-making competitions (Bagnacavallo e Baveno) and has also been a jury member in various competitions (Baveno eno e Pisogne). As a consultant, he works with museum authorities and music foundations. Lorenzo Frignani is an Artistic Advisor to the Municipality of Pievi Cento (Bologna).

He is also Vice-President of the Associazioni Liuteria Italiana (A.L.I.) and was for many years a member of the Association des Luthiers et Archetiers pour le Développement de la Facture Instrumentale (A.L.A.D.F.I.) in France. He is dedicated not only to the construction of new instruments but also to the restoration of plucked and bowed instruments. He is the author of various publications and catalogs on classical and antique plucked and stringed instruments, which he also collects himself. In 2007, he founded his own publishing house (LF Edizioni) to translate foreign-language specialist literature on plucked and stringed instrument making into Italian.

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