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Julian Bream

Julian Alexander Bream was born in Battersea/London and grew up in a very musical family. His father, Henry George Bream, played jazz guitar and the young Julian Bream was impressed when he heard music by Django Reinhardt. He was encouraged to learn piano, but also...

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Hermann Hauser I

From 1875 his father Josef Hauser built zithers, guitars, and violins in his workshop and also worked as a music dealer and composer of zither music. Hermann Hauser I started to make zithers as a pupil of his father. Like his elder sister Marie, who became a lute and...

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The Hermann Hauser family

Josef Hauser (1854-1939) Josef HauserJosef Hauser was born the son of an innkeeper in Burghausen, attended grammar school there and trained as a merchant and carpenter. During his apprenticeship, Josef Hauser also trained with the then famous zither teacher Jospf...

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Cristina and José Enrique Ramírez

A long time ago a guitarist asked Cristina: "How did your father get you both to continue the tradition? My son doesn't want to continue, he prefers to take another path". The answer was none other than "having had freedom of choice and support in decisions about our...

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José Ramírez IV 1953 – 2000

José Enrique Ramírez García (José Ramírez IV) was born in Madrid in May 1953. In 1971 he entered the workshop as an apprentice at the age of 18 and in 1977 he reached the rank of first officer. In 1988 he took over the management of the business together with his...

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José Ramírez III 1922 – 1995

In May 1922, José Ramírez Martínez was born. He began working in his father's workshop at the age of 18; and although he did not enjoy any privileges, he was soon admitted as a first class officer and soon began to experiment to further develop the guitar as a concert...

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José Ramírez II 1885 – 1957

In 1885 José Simón Ramírez de Galarreta y Pernías was born. He grew up in his father's workshop and learned the trade with him. As well as being a guitar maker, he was also a guitarist and at the age of 20 he was hired to go on a two-year tour of South America. He had...

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Manuel Ramírez 1864 – 1916

In 1864 Manuel Ramírez de Galarreta y Planell was born in Alhama de Aragón. Although the family's habitual residence was in Madrid, their father's profession led them to reside there for some time. Manuel learned from his older brother (José Ramírez I) the trade of...

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José Ramírez I 1858 – 1923

The founder of this dynasty, José Ramírez de Galarreta y Planell, was born in Madrid in 1858. At the age of 12 he entered as an apprentice in the workshop of his master, Francisco González, whose guitar shop was located in the Carrera de San Jerónimo in Madrid. It...

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The Classical Guitar

Classical guitarThe terms classical guitar, concert guitar or spanish guitar are different names for the same intrument. However, classical guitars are played with nylon strings, whereas acoustic or Western guitars are played with steel strings. Antonio de Torres...

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The Guitar

The guitar has been one of the most popular musical instruments for many years. Whether it is an acoustic or electronic musical instrument, whether it is quiet or loud, whether at home or on stage, it can be used as a solo or accompanying instrument. It is as...

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