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Fritz Ober

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Fritz Ober (1955 – 2020)

Fritz Ober was very interested in resonant guitars with a deep body, very much in the style of many produced by Antonio de Torres and Hermann Hauser I. He doesn’t like to imitate or reproduce any particular instrument but has a design and sounds in mind that is a mix of the best of Hauser, but with more low tuned bass influence from some of the deeper Torres guitars. The plantilla of these guitars is very close to Hermann Hauser, but with small adaptations from plantillas by Manuel Ramirez and Torres, many of which were very similar.

Fritz Ober made a particular copy of the famous Torres guitar – La Leona. Like the original, it has a very low body-air resonance around D. This particular Fritz Ober guitar was used in concerts by Wulfin Lieske, who recorded with the La Leona original.

He also made a Torres-like guitar, in the hands of a German collector, with a soundhole Tornovoz. Although the Plantilla was Fritz’s own reproduction, the sound quality is very similar to the Torres. One of Fritz’s recent challenges has been to make similar instruments with deep resonance without resorting to a tornovoz.

While fascinated by these low resonance instruments, Fritz aims to produce guitars with strength and fullness of treble needed by today’s performers – and in this endeavor, he seems to be quite successful. Another way he thinks about it is by producing guitars that have the “old character” but with the flexibility and strength in the treble to be suitable for a more modern repertoire.

About 15 years ago, Fritz Ober started to build a limited number of guitars in the style of old masters. Today he is sure that he is much closer to the sound qualities of those he reproduces than he was ten years ago.

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