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Roy Fankhänel

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Roy Fankhänel – Guitar maker

In my workshop in Oelsnitz in the Ore Mountains, I mainly make classical concert guitars and steel-string and electric guitars. One of my priorities is to take my customers’ wishes into account when building their instruments. Many hours of work go into creating wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces.
Starting with the choice of wood, through design elements to ornamentation and the implementation of individual desired dimensions: each of these factors is a set screw to adapt the instrument to your needs. As I am fascinated by trees, I want to do special justice to the material they provide me with and to exploit its potential to the full. The subtlety of hearing and the feeling of the hands is a key that opens the doors to magical worlds of sound for me. In addition to this empirical approach, the implementation of perfect craftsmanship is an indispensable must for me. Decisive for the sound character of my guitars is the top made of spruce or cedar.
The body wood can be very different and is selected according to your tonal and visual ideas. I have Honduras, Madagascar, East Indian rosewood, cocobolo, and many native species such as Robinia, maple, walnut, and various fruit tree woods in my wood depot.
All ornaments are made by arrangement and can vary greatly depending on your wishes.
I would be happy to develop an individual concept with you. The possibilities of surface treatment are manifold. The finish with which the guitar is refined is a matter of taste and depends on how the instrument is used. Nitro lacquer finishes in various designs, hard wax finishes, or a shellac hand polish are all possible. My concert guitars are characterized by a very beautiful, clear, and, above all, distinct sound. The basses are well balanced and go very well with the singing treble. Easy to play, these instruments are the perfect tool for the professional virtuoso or hobby guitarist.
Because of the acoustic advantages, I prefer the Spanish construction of the neck-body joint. To improve the playability, the fingerboard is arched crosswise by me. This facilitates the fingering of barré chords.
On request, I can equip your guitar with a raised fingerboard to facilitate playing in the higher registers. The bridge has a symmetrical 12-hole bore as standard on all guitars. The bone bridge inlay is machined to improve intonation in addition to the normal scale compensation. The top saddle is inlaid into the fingerboard.
To prevent the body edge of your guitar from pressing into your forearm, I will be happy to integrate a so-called “bevel,” a particularly elegant body bevel for better arm support.

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