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Fabio Zontini – 2024 Torres

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Fabio Zontini was born in Milan, Italy 1971. He received his diploma as a Master Luthier Restorer from the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan in 1996. He has crafted over 250 instruments in his professional career, drawing inspiration from the masters of historical luthiery. Fabio considers the opportunity to view and measure the works of authors such as Antonio De Torres, Hermann Hauser I, Pietro Gallinotti, Francisco Simplicio, and Louis Panormo as fundamental importance, as they have contributed significantly to the development of his sound and aesthetic approach. In 2007, at the Museum of Music in Barcelona, Fabio conducted an in-depth study of Miguel Llobet’s 1859 guitar, which inspired Hauser I’s Spanish-style instruments, and the famous “Papier Machè” guitar (1862), both made by Antonio De Torres and of which Fabio has produced several copies over the years. Fabio has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and given lectures at conservatories, music schools, museums, and important guitar festivals in Italy, Europe, and Central America. In 2016, he collaborated on creating the “Arcimbolda” guitar, a unique instrument crafted by a collective of 15 luthiers, on the occasion of the Roma Expo Guitar. For over twenty years, Fabio has chosen to live and work in the peaceful Ligurian countryside, surrounded by the olive trees of Olle that encircle his home and workshop.

This remarkable guitar is a tribute to Antonio de Torres, often considered the pioneer of modern classical guitar design. Its design elements, including the beautifully crafted rosette and the delicately designed headstock, are direct nods to Torres’ influential style, capturing the essence of traditional guitar craftsmanship. These features not only honor the legacy of guitar making but also infuse the instrument with a deep aesthetic charm that is both visually and historically rich. The selection of tonewoods further distinguishes this guitar, with a spruce soundboard that shines with natural luster, enhancing the instrument’s visual appeal. The use of Honduras rosewood for the back and sides adds a warm, contrasting color that complements the spruce top, creating a visual harmony that is as captivating as the guitar’s sound.

Sonically, the guitar is a masterpiece, blending the resonant qualities of spruce with the warmth of Honduras rosewood to produce a vibrant tonal range. This combination yields a sound that is rich in the lower registers, clear in the midrange, and bright at the high end, offering a versatile palette for the musician. The guitar’s response to the player’s touch is exceptionally sensitive, allowing for an exploration of subtle nuances and dynamic shifts with ease. This sensitivity fosters an intimate connection between the musician and the instrument, making it feel like an extension of the player’s own creative expression. The guitar’s ability to facilitate such a personal playing experience speaks to its unique construction and design philosophy, bridging the gap between historical craftsmanship and the individual artist’s need for expressive freedom.

Luthier: Fabio Zontini
Construction year: 2024
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Honduras rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1480 grams
Air body frequency: F#/G
Tuners: Alessi
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II White
Condition: New

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