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Fernando Mazza – 2021 Special REG Edition


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Product Description

Fernando Mazza is a successful guitar maker born in Argentina. After a career as a guitarist, he dedicated himself to classical guitar making and opened his workshop in Arezzo, Italy. Fernando Mazza’s guitars are easily recognized by their meticulous construction and beautiful rosette, reminiscent of the arches of the famous Palazzo Ducale in Venice. He builds guitars in the Australian lattice tradition, combining extremely stiff laminated backs and sides with a highly responsive lattice top. In addition, Fernando Mazza also builds a Nomex double top model with lattice bracing that offers even more projection and spontaneity.

Here are a few words by Fernando Mazza about this very special and unique guitar, built for the prestigious “Roma Guitar Expo 2021” exhibition:
“This limited-edition guitar, contrasting to my standard lattice bracing model, has a body made of solid wood. My standard lattice guitars have multi-laminated sides and a double Nomex back. Building a guitar with this characteristic merges the traditional construction (back and side) with the modern construction (lattice top). This fusion of construction gives excellent qualities in terms of sound projection, guitar weight, and comfort.”
As always with Mazza’s guitars, this instrument is a true powerhouse. Offering a remarkable dynamic range, it shows the best of the lattice construction. A detail we love about F. Mazza’s guitars beyond their mind-boggling sound is the attention given to the aesthetic. The rosette, inspired by the Palazzo Ducale in Venezia, is just gorgeous and became a true trademark of Mazza’s guitars. In our opinion, it is evident why exceptional players like Andrea Caballero and Valeria Galimova, among many other guitarists, play instruments made by Fernando Mazza.

Luthier: Fernando Mazza
Construction year: 2021
Top: Cedar
Body and sides: Santos Rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1667 grams
Air resonance frequency: F
Tuners: Schaller GrandTune
Strings: Knobloch 400ADC
Case: Hiscox
Condition: New


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