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Jim Redgate – 2019 No. 458 Doubletop


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Hailing from the Australian shores, Jim Redgate isn’t just a luthier; he’s an artist whose masterpieces are revered by connoisseurs of music across the globe. Elite performers such as Ana Vidovic, Pepe Roméro, and Odair Assad have all been entranced by the magic he conjures within his creations. Each Redgate instrument carries with it a unique voice – a combination of thundering volume, luxurious harmonics, and crystalline clarity, which is nothing less than captivating.

The 2019 No. 458 Jim Redgate guitar epitomizes the epitome of modern luthiery, marrying aesthetic splendor with outstanding acoustic capabilities. This guitar, meticulously crafted with an acute attention to detail, features a cedar doubletop renowned for its responsive and nuanced sound. The dark, rich tones of Ziricote used for the back and sides enrich the guitar’s sonic depth, enhancing its overall sound profile. The intricate purfling, bindings, and rosette are clear indicators of Redgate’s dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, showcasing his ability to harmonize aesthetic grace with superior quality. Each element of this guitar, from the carefully selected materials to its precise construction, is a reflection of a deep understanding of the art and science of guitar making. The result is an instrument that is not just visually stunning but also meets the high expectations of the most discerning musicians.

The 2019 Jim Redgate guitar represents the zenith of concert guitar design. As a doubletop guitar, it offers an unparalleled balance of sound, homogeneity, and expressiveness, essential qualities for peak performance levels. Its exceptional intonation across all registers yields a sound that is pure, richly textured, and tailored to the intricate needs of professional musicians and concert artists. This sonic brilliance, coupled with the guitar’s visual charm, renders it a highly coveted instrument. Despite being pre-loved, the guitar remains in mint condition, showing no signs of wear, maintaining its pristine quality. Suitable for both intimate recitals and grand concert halls, the 2019 Jim Redgate guitar is capable of delivering powerful and nuanced performances, captivating any audience.

Luthier: Jim Redgate
Construction year: 2019
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Ziricote
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 51.5 mm
Weight: 1500 grams
Air body frequency: F#
Tuners: Scheller
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II White
Condition: Mint

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