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Manuel Reyes – 1979

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Manuel Reyes was born in Jayena (Granada) on July 18, 1934, and began playing flamenco guitar at a young age. It was only a short time later that he restored his first old flamenco guitars and taught himself the basics of guitar making. Soon after, he built his first guitar himself and since the result was not satisfactory for his needs, he decided to look for someone who could teach him how to build a guitar. He met the flamenco guitar maker Joaquín Sanchez Galisteo, who was willing to teach Reyes. In 1949, Manuel Reyes finally decided to open his own workshop, beginning a career that would bring him to the pinnacle of flamenco guitar makers. Today, Manuel Reyes is one of the most respected flamenco guitar makers, admired for his excellent craftsmanship and the typical Andalusian flamenco sound of his world-class instruments.

This 1979 Manuel Reyes classical guitar boasts a rich history and exceptional care from its previous owner, adding to its unique charm and character. Originally received as a cherished gift from her father. The guitar has been restored to its original scale of 656 mm by Carl-Hermann Schäfer. Additionally, the guitar underwent expert repairs to mend two cracks on the soundboard, a testament to the meticulous attention it has received over the years. The back and sides of the guitar, notable for being free of cracks, further underscore its well-preserved condition.

The use of cites certified Brazilian rosewood in the construction of this guitar is particularly noteworthy, elevating it to an extraordinary level of rarity and desirability. Brazilian rosewood is renowned for its outstanding tonal qualities and aesthetic beauty, making this guitar an absolute gem among Manuel Reyes’ creations. Reyes’ classical guitars are highly sought after by connoisseurs for their superior sound, rarity, and intrinsic value, often surpassing their market price in terms of quality. This particular guitar stands out with its remarkable sound openness, a quality not commonly found in instruments from that era. Its rich history, meticulous care, and exceptional craftsmanship make this 1979 Manuel Reyes guitar not just an instrument, but a treasured piece of musical history, embodying the legacy of one of the great guitar makers.

Luthier: Manuel Reyes
Construction year: 1979
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood (CITES certified)
Scale: 656 mm
Nut: 53 mm
Weight: 1575 grams
Air body frequency: F#/G
Tuners: Fustero
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II “Siccas Guitars” Edition
Condition: Very Good

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