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Marcelo Barbero – 1932

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Born in Madrid in 1904, Marcelo Barbero was an esteemed Spanish luthier, recognized for his exceptional craftsmanship in producing both classical and flamenco guitars. He started his journey in the craft under the tutelage of José Ramirez II, a well-known guitar maker from whom Barbero inherited a great deal of knowledge and technical skill. However, his style matured more closely aligned with that of Domingo Esteso and Santos Hernandez, two other legendary Spanish luthiers.

In 1943, the sudden death of Santos Hernandez led Barbero into an unprecedented position in the history of guitar making. Hernandez’s widow, Mathilda Ruiz, entrusted Barbero with the responsibility of completing her late husband’s pending orders. Consequently, Barbero found himself working in Hernandez’s legendary workshop at the iconic Aduana 23 address, where he had access to Hernandez’s tools and parts.

It was during this period that Barbero developed a deep understanding of Hernandez’s unique techniques and his previously undisclosed crafting secrets. His time at the Hernandez workshop significantly influenced his guitar-making style, contributing to his rise as an archetypal flamenco guitar builder. Barbero’s instruments were highly valued for their exceptional sound, lightweight construction, and visually pleasing aesthetics, all of which hearkened back to the craftsmanship of Hernandez.

Marcelo Barbero continued to refine and develop his skills, building guitars that became highly sought after by both classical and flamenco guitarists worldwide. His innovative approach and dedication to his craft have left an indelible impact on the world of Spanish lutherie. Even after his death in 1956, Barbero’s legacy continues to resonate, influencing generations of luthiers and musicians. His guitars remain highly coveted, appreciated for their exquisite tonal quality, craftsmanship, and historical significance.

This instrument is truly a collectible item that is not so easy to find. This instrument boasts a spruce top complemented by a mahogany back and sides, creating a striking balance between aesthetic elegance and superb acoustic quality.

Embrace a sound that is incomparable, marked by its rich, deep basses and resonating, “hollow” trebles. Each note reveals an instrument designed to be far superior, producing a unique E/F main resonance that captivates and enthralls. This lightweight guitar, weighing just 1220 grams, delivers powerfully deep characteristics on the basses, complemented by brilliant and lush trebles.

Despite its age, the condition of this vintage beauty remains impressive. There are minimal signs of wear, including three professionally repaired cracks on the soundboard, one on the side and two on the mahogany back. Indulge in the legacy of Marcelo Barbero’s work with this guitar, echoing the timeless tradition of Spanish guitar-making.

Watch the presentation video of this particular guitar below, where you will find a lot of additional information about its playability and sound.

Luthier: Marcelo Barbero
Construction year: 1932
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Mahogany
Scale: 652 mm
Nut: 51 mm
Weight: 1220 grams
Air body frequency: E/F
Tuners: Antique
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Cibeles
Condition: Excellent

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Wood Top

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Back & Sides

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