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Marco Bortolozzo – 2018 No. 66 “Torres FE-09”

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Since 2010, Marco Bortolozzo has distinguished himself in the craft of building traditional classical guitars, demonstrating remarkable skill from the outset. His creation, guitar numbered 66, draws inspiration from the iconic Antonio de Torres FE09, mirroring its historic template and decorative style. The FE09 model, renowned for being the favored guitar of Miguel Llobet, represents a pinnacle in classical guitar design, known for its profound musical expression and aesthetic beauty. Marco’s homage to this tradition is evident in instrument 66, which stands out not only for its faithful adherence to the FE09’s design principles but also for its exceptional craftsmanship. This guitar features a visually stunning three-piece bird’s-eye maple back, alongside the finest selection of woods for its construction. The addition of Alessi tuners and the inclusion of a Hiscox Pro II case further underscore the premium nature of this guitar, making it a significant acquisition for any enthusiast.

The sonic characteristics of this Marco Bortolozzo guitar are as impressive as its aesthetics. A noteworthy feature is the instrument’s exceptionally low air body resonance frequency, tuned to D#, which enriches the basses with a captivating depth and imbues the overall sound with an old-world charm that is rare and highly sought after. This low resonance frequency contributes to the guitar’s ability to produce a sound that is both profound and nuanced, offering players a wide dynamic range and expressive possibilities. Additionally, the guitar’s lightweight construction and design enhancements make it incredibly easy to play, appealing to both seasoned musicians and those seeking an instrument that facilitates technical agility. The trebles are notably clear and melodious, contributing to an overall sound profile that is both graceful and enchanting. As a pre-loved instrument, this guitar is in a very good condition only showing several playing marks.

Luthier: Marco Bortolozzo
Construction year: 2018
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Birdseye maple
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 50 mm
Weight: 1215 grams
Air body frequency: D#
Tuners: Alessi
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Hiscox Pro II
Condition: Very Good

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