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Miguel Gonzalez Abad – 1971

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In the heart of Almeria, a city echoing with musical legacies, the hands of Miguel Gonzalez Abad brought forth an exquisite guitar in 1971. This instrument, crafted meticulously with a spruce top and framed by the deep, intricate patterns of Indian rosewood on its back and sides, stands as a testament to timeless craftsmanship and artistry. Its surface, adorned with the gentle marks of time, narrates tales of soulful serenades, impassioned performances, and those rare moments when fingers danced upon its strings to create magic.

Almeria, recognized as the pulsating heart of modern Spanish guitar artistry, has been the cradle to maestros like Antonio de Torres. This illustrious lineage, passed from the masterful hands of the Moya siblings to Miguel Gonzalez Abad, and then to Juan Miguel Gonzalez and Gerundino Fernández, has been preserved and enriched through each generation.

This 1971 masterpiece, designed with a precise 65,3 cm scale and a nut width of 52 mm, is a sonic marvel. Beyond its specifications lies its soul. The spruce top, known for its tonal clarity and ability to age gracefully, delivers notes that rise like gentle whispers, fluttering in the Andalusian breeze. The Brazilian rosewood (CITES certified), prized for its depth and warmth, envelopes these notes, lending them richness and resonance.

The instrument’s responsiveness is a testament to its craftsmanship. Gentle caresses evoke soft, ethereal melodies, while spirited strums unleash a cascade of powerful harmonies. Its harmonics, pure and resonant, linger in the air, reminiscent of an era where every chord told a story.

Holding this guitar is like cradling a piece of history. Lightweight, yet brimming with character, it’s a bridge to 1971—a year when the passion of a craftsman met the elegance of spruce and the grandeur of Brazilian rosewood. The marks it bears aren’t imperfections; they’re badges of its storied journey. Here is not just an instrument, but a chronicle of decades, reverberating with tales of art, passion, and the enduring beauty of music.

Luthier: Miguel Gonzalez Abad
Construction year: 1971
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood (CITES certified)
Scale: 653 mm
Nut: 52 mm
Weight: 1670 grams
Air body frequency: G#
Tuners: Fustero
Strings: Knobloch EDC 34.0
Case: Meinel Etuis
Condition: Good

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