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Wolfgang Jellinghaus – “Torres FE 17-R” Antique 63 cm

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This striking Torres model by Wolfgang Jellinghaus is a faithful replica of the legendary Tárrega guitar (FE 17) crafted by the master himself, Antonio de Torres, in 1864. Back in the day, this model was amongst Torres’ more exclusive and pricier creations, further distinguished by the innovative Tornavoz inclusion.

Beyond its timeless elegant appearance, this guitar carries a captivating history highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the icons Francisco Tárrega and Antonio de Torres and their groundbreaking role in modern guitar artistry.

In terms of sound, this recreation is perfectly designed for the historical performance of Spanish romantic literature, offering a rich spectrum of tonal colors with abundant harmonics. The integrated Tornavoz provides the guitar with a warm and rounded bass depth, which is also evident in the treble.

In its construction, Jellinghaus remains true to the original Torres system. The distinct design of the rosette, which combines herringbone, checkered, and diamond patterns, has been meticulously replicated, accented with hues resulting from diligent research.

The impressive, artful embellishments, present both on the back and the top, attest to Torres’ exceptional craftsmanship. Especially, the handmade inlays, showcasing the herringbone and ancient meander patterns, add an extra layer of elegance to the instrument.

The Tornavoz, an innovation from the 19th century, aims to amplify the reverberation by redirecting sound waves back into the body. Acoustic studies suggest that this leads to a darker timbre and an extended sustain.

Concluding, the guitar is adorned with a hand-applied shellac finish. Compared to other varnishes, shellac provides a thinner, vibration-friendly layer, thus enhancing the instrument’s projection.

If you wish to hold a piece of history in your hands while experiencing exceptional acoustic performance, this replica by Wolfgang Jellinghaus is the perfect choice for you.


Gitarrenbauer: Wolfgang Jellinghaus
Baujahr: 2023
Decke: Fichte
Boden und Zargen: Ahorn
Mensur: 645 mm
Sattel: 52 mm
Gewicht: 1305 Gramm
Eigenresonanz: F/F#
Mechaniken: Der Jung
Koffer: Hartschalenkoffer
Zustand: Neu

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