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Curt Claus Voigt – Espressivo 2016


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Curt Claus Voigt began his apprenticeship in Markneukirchen, at the company Marma, Karl Bauer KG, a small factory with 8-10 guitar makers, which manufactured almost all types of guitars, including classical, jazz, and Hawaiian, as well as electric guitars and basses, mandolins and banjos. He was trained by his grandfather Kurt Voigt, his father Günter Voigt, and the master violin maker Hans Zölch to deepen his understanding of historical instruments. Curt Claus passed his master’s examination in 1980 and began to work freelance as a restorer of historical plucked instruments for museums and private collectors (Grassi Museum Leipzig, Erfurt Anger Museum, City Museum Meiningen; Volkskundemuseum Teodone, Brunico, South Tyrol and others). In 1988 he took over the company Kurt Voigt & Son from his father and moved to Wasserburg am Inn, Upper Bavaria. Curt Claus continued his education through workshops with Jose Romanillos (in 1991 and 1994) and with numerous studies of historic instruments in museums and private collections throughout France, England, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Spain.

Here is an exquisite instrument built by Curt Claus Voigt in 2015. This beautiful “Espressivo” model has a very fine antique-coloured spruce top complemented by seductive flamed maple back and sides. The guitar is all French polished to very high standard. This guitar is notable by its huge volume and projection offered by the fluidly domed back and the very light lattice-braced top. Its sensitivity makes it an extremely nuanced guitar with a grandiose volume and a sophisticated tone. Definitely advised for an ambitious and passionate musician.
The guitar is in great overall condition with no repairs or cracks. It has some playing marks on the top, back and the head. The tuning machines are made by Rubner. The original Voigt Bam softcase is included.

Special features:

– Arched back: Like a cello, the solid wood arched back has no braces. This has great influence on the tone and sound projection.

– Elevated fingerboard: Greatly improves the playability of the guitar at the higher frets.

– Lattice bracing: The light lattice bracing permit an homogeneous vibration of the top, producing a strong and balanced sound in all registers.

– Sound port: The extra sound hole in the upper bout helps the guitarist to better control his playing. The built-in sound box inside the body focuses the sound to the player. Excellent for chamber musicians.

– Zero fret: This is a little relic from German guitar builders of the past. Curt Claus Voigt believes that with the zero fret, the sound quality matching of the open notes and the fretted notes is greatly improved.

– Bridge with 12-hole tie block: For optimal force distribution (traction and leverage) of the bridge on the soundboard, as well as for optimal sound energy transmission.

Luthier: Curt Claus Voigt
Construction year: 2016
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Maple
Scale: 655 mm
Nut: 53 mm

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