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Hermann Hauser ® I – 1924


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Hermann Hauser ® I as a German luthier, holds a leading position among luthiers worldwide. He took over the instrument workshop of his father while Josef Hauser ® was still managing the music publishing house. Hermann Hauser ® I specialised in making lutes and guitars but also remained true to the construction of zithers. In the context of the Guitaristic Movement in Bavaria, Hermann Hauser® I built a large number of different guitars; in particular the Vienna models and the Munich models in all kinds of forms, but all in absolute perfection. The Terz, Prim and the very rare Quintbass guitars of Hermann Hauser ® I are of highest quality. Even today, the sound of those instruments is still unsurpassed. Based on his special virtuosity, Hermann Hauser ® I developed technical, patented innovations in the area of construction of the guitar’s tops and body-neck connections. The Spanish virtuosi Miguel Llobet and Andres Segovia became attentive to Hermann Hauser® I’s art of making guitars at the beginning of the 20th century.

This is one of the rare Munich Models by Hermann Hauser ® I. The Munich Model is characterised by a slimmer design than the Viennesse models. The two-piece spruce top is framed by dark and light purflings. The same arrangement can be found around the sound hole as well. The fingerboard which is located on the body protrudes the sound hole. The eyes of the bridge are decorated with mother of pearl inlays. The two-piece back and the two-piece ribs consist of maple. The guitar has a Viennesse neck-body connection which means that the neck is attached to the body by a screw. A result of this is that it is not only possible to remove the neck, but also to adjust the string’s height individually. The head is connected with the neck by a German neck spline.

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