Ignacio Fleta – 1977 ex. María Luisa Anido


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Ignacio Fleta (1897-1977) is one of the most famous luthiers of the twentieth century. In addition to being a successful guitar maker, he was a recognized bowed and ancient instruments luthier (violins, violas, cellos, vihuelas, and violas de gamba). After his death, his work was continued by his two sons Gabriel and Francisco Fleta and later by his grandson Gabriel Fleta Jr. The current waiting time for a new guitar is about 20 years.

This golden age Ignacio Fleta in extraordinarily good condition belonged to the South American icon of the classical guitar and former duo partner of Miguel Llobet: Maria Luisa Anido. The life of this extraordinary women is incredibly rich, and her biography would deserve a dedicated book. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Maria Luisa Anido played and composed for the classical guitar throughout her whole life. She was considered a musical wunderkind and studied guitar with Tárrega’s students Domingo Prat and Miguel Llobet. In 1925 she even toured through South Amerika with Miguel Llobet. She has also been an inspiring teacher for students and later famous composers and artists such as Jorge Cardoso and Jorge Martínez Zárate.

This instrument was purchased by her in 1977 and played extensively in concerts as her main instrument from this time on. The guitar has a fully mature sound with an absolute openness and striking generosity. The condition of this beautiful 1977 Fleta is very good. Its smooth and tender tone displays a typically warm and Spanish sound color which brings us straight back in the heart of the second half of the XXth century. Expressive and truly sophisticated, this striking instrument is an absolute rarity as well as an important piece of the classical guitar history.

Weight:1708 gramsAir resonance frequency:A

Luthier: Ignacio Fleta
Construction year: 1977
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Indian rosewood
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 52 mm

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